Where I’ve Been And Where I’m Going

Hello, dear hearts!

It’s been so long. And I have so much to tell you.

Seven months ago I started an amazing journey into beauty and all things beauty related. For those of you who follow this blog, you know its main focus has been my mental health and coping with grief and the death of my mother. In the midst of that grief something amazing began to bloom out of the pain and despair. And after several months of contemplation, I’ve decided to move forward with my creativity and continue making beautiful things and celebrating beautiful things, just as my late mother did, every day of her life.

So, this blog is in her honor. She was the most beautiful woman I’ll ever know. And despite her flaws, she always championed for me and my self worth. She only ever saw me as beautiful and I am forever grateful for a mother who taught me to love myself.

I do plan to sprinkle in updates about grief because, frankly, when you lose someone, you never quite get over it. I will always miss my mother. And I will always feel safe to talk about that to all of you. And I thank you for that. Thank you for giving me a safe place to discuss these things. I am forever grateful.

Here’s to the big, bright, and beautiful things ahead. I hope you’ll stick around and I hope I make you proud.

If you’re interested in seeing what I do, in regards to beauty, and you’d like to know what you can expect, you can find my work on Instagram through my username, @TamaraCanup. See you soon!

❀ Tamara

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