Ipsy: Perks and Points!

One of my favorite aspects of my Ipsy membership is the Ipsy Offers and Points system. The monthly beauty subscription service, Ipsy, delivers a custom Glam Bag to subscribers for $10 a month. Each bag features five hand picked beauty products. I’ve written about my experiences with Ipsy here, so if you’re not familiar, go check that out first, then come on back!

SO, moving forward, when you’re an Ipsy member you have access to the Points system and the Ipsy Offers. Points are accrued in a few ways. You gain points by reviewing your Glam Bags and you can gain them when friends or family use your code to sign up for their own Ipsy membership. Points are then exchanged for various beauty and makeup items. It takes a while to build up enough points to purchase something, as most items run between five-hundred points and a thousand, but still. Free is free!

The Ipsy Offers section is perfect for grabbing awesome products for 30%-50% off. Additionally, there’s another section for brand offers, where different beauty companies provide special coupon codes to Ipsy members for discounts on their purchases directly on those websites. 

Today I wanted to share some of the things I’ve gotten through the Ipsy Offers and Points programs! Most of these things I’d never have gotten myself if not for how affordable they were!

So, I’m a sucker for a good palette. I don’t really care for single shadows, single bronzers, or single blushes. I own several and I do love them, but I tend to gravitate toward palettes because it’s just one object I can pick up and go with, especially if I’m traveling (I just can’t carry a bazillion single shadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlights with me. Especially if I’m flying and they’re in my carry-on. No. I’m sorry.)

I clicked “BUY” so fast in this The Balm Cosmetics Highlight ‘N Con Tour Palette. We’re talking four highlighters, two bronzers, and two blushes, AND a big mirror in one easy to use and easy to pack palette? Yes, ma’am!

Two shimmer highlighters, two matte highlighters, two bronzers, and two blushes.

The regular price of this palette is $36, but thanks to my Ipsy membership, I got it for 50% off. That’s right. Half off. I paid $18 and with Ipsy, it’s always free shipping. $18 and it’s mine.


For those doing the math, that comes out to $2 per highlighter/blush/bronzer with $2 leftover for the packaging. Even cheap drugstore products run you more than that for this much makeup AND this is better quality. I know a good bargain when I see it. And this absolutely was.



Since I obviously love getting a lot of bang for my buck, when I saw this next Ipsy Offer I didn’t think twice about getting my hands on it.


Ipsy Offer: Winter To Spring Pop Of Color (minus one lip balm I’ve already used up because it’s amazing.)

Similar to a traditional Ipsy Glam Bag, this offer came with a bag and five products. However, this bag is different than a normal bag in that each product was full sized. 😍😍😍 This offer cost me $12 with free shipping and was, of course, a great deal. The makeup brush is amazing, the eyeliner is one of my favorites, the eye shadow is perfection, and the mascara shown is a gorgeous deep blue I’ve used several times for artistic looks. And the balm that came with it was also heavenly. So heavenly I only have an older picture of it because I used it so often and now it’s gone.

RIP Crazy Rumors Hisbiskiss. I miss you.

The Ipsy Offers section frequently offers a bag like this, usually filled with previously featured items thrown together to create a theme. Take for example the offers below.

This is a collection of products with more than one use. Clever. And check out that price tag. That small mica powder pot in the upper right hand corner costs $14.99 alone.
This collection sold out FAST. You can probably see why.

So, Ipsy isn’t just a service for a monthly bag. It’s a portal into a world of discounted products from excellent brands. And even if you don’t find an Ipsy Offer that fits you, you can always check out the Brand Offers section for coupon codes made just for Ipsy subscribers.

Whatever your budget, there’s something for you on Ipsy.

And now, the Points system.

So, Ipsy grants points for several different activities. For example, you get points for linking your Twitter and Facebook to your Ipsy app. You also get points every time you review the products in your Glam Bag. Over the course of a year you accrue these points and after a year, some points expire. And the purpose of the Points is to trade them for great products. Most products start at around 500 points, with some products going for as much as 1500.

Right now I have 710 points and I’ve accrued those over the course of 6 months. I haven’t yet spent them because I’ve been waiting for that one product I know I can’t live without.

Like everything else on Ipsy, shipping is always free. So, even though it takes a while to build up points, the bottom line is you’re eventually getting a really nice product for free. And free is never a bad thing.

Final Thoughts:

We all know I love Ipsy. I hope that through this post and my last one you’ve come to appreciate Ipsy as well, or at least understand how it works a little better than you may have before. Overall, if you’re into makeup and beauty, or you’re wanting to explore it a little, or you just like subscription boxes, I think Ipsy is a great fit, especially given the $10 monthly fee.

If, after reading this, you do decide to try Ipsy out, I’d be honored if you used my referral link. By doing so you’re helping me gain a few extra points and I would be so grateful for that!

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