Why You Need To Be Cleaning Your Brushes!!

One of the mistakes I made very early on in my makeup journey is not cleaning my brushes. Yes, it’s true. I just didn’t clean them. For over a month.  A solid month before a friend gently asked if I’d been cleaning them.

Uh oh.

If you’re like me and making the mistake of not cleaning your brushes on a regular basis, you’re doing your skin and your hygiene a huge disservice. Even if your face is clean before applying makeup, if you’re using old, dirty brushes, you’re making if filthy all over again.

Think of it this way: imagine taking a shower then getting out and drying off with a dirty towel and putting on dirty underwear. Even if your clothes are clean, you’re still going to be dirty. You’re doing the same thing with dirty brushes. Yuck!

So, I’d like to take a few paragraphs to tell you how I keep my brushes and sponges clean!

I start with a gentle brush cleaner. I make my own at home, (I’ve post my DIY Brush cleaner recipe here!) but there are a ton of great brush cleaners out there for you to try. After dousing my brush with cleaner, I gently rake it across my homemade brush cleaning mat. The ridges and bumps clean out debri without damaging the bristles. I run it under cold water as I do this until water runs clear through the brush.

Similarly, I douse my sponges in cleaner, but I don’t rake them across my cleaning mat. Instead I slowly and gently squeeze them under the running water, doing so repeatedly until like the brushes, water runs clean out of them and the makeup stains have gone.

There is nothing quite like washing all the gunk out of your brushes and sponges! Seeing them clean is amazing and makes you want to make sure they never get so nasty again!

To make sure the glue in your brushes stays intact, I advice hanging your brushes upside down to drip dry. Laying them on their side or brush side up can cause water to damage the bristles and the glue, and we don’t want that.

To dry your sponges, allow them to air dry by placing them into a mesh basket or bag. Make sure they’re not closed up or sealed in anything because they’re more likely to grow bacteria that way.

And that’s it! Allow them to dry overnight and by morning you’re good to go! Clean brushes and a clean face!

I hope this helps you remember to wash your brushes!!

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