My Fat Did THAT

What if we changed the dialogue? What if we rewrote the weight loss tropes? What if we switched it up a little, changed the tempo, reblocked the whole set, and rearranged the conversation altogether?

What if instead of telling fat people all the things they can’t do…we told them all the things they can?

What if instead of saying, “You can’t run a 5k!” we said, “You can walk a mile today! Maybe every day! And in a few weeks I bet you can walk two or more!”

What if instead of pronouncing, “You can’t live into old age with that body!” we said, “You have a lot to live for so let’s get to living it!”

What if instead of shaming fat people out of gyms or off dance floors we welcomed them, cheered them on, celebrated their journey?

What if I woke up one day and instead of thinking, “I can’t play tennis anymore.” I thought, “I can do 60 jumping jacks. I can work my way up to 100.”

Instead of, “I can’t do a push-up.” I thought, “I can easily lift 5 lb free weights every day.”

Instead of, “I can’t be healthy.” I thought, “NO, I can be ANYTHING.”

Every day I lift weights.

Every day I do sit-ups.

Every day I do squats.

Every day I take a walk.

Every day I push my body a little further.

Every day I’m amazed at how strong I really am.

Every day I can feel the difference happening inside of me.

So, what if you started doing all those things every day too? What if you looked at your fat body, your skinny body, your disabled body, your broken body, and said, “Ya know what…my body can do THAT.” And you picked a that and you did it and you remembered how great that body of yours is. 

Maybe your that is walking around your neighborhood. Maybe your that is sitting up by yourself. Maybe your that is a million other things your amazing body can do that you sometimes overlook because you’re so focused on all it can’t do. Because the world keeps telling you what it cant do.

I don’t know what your that is. But, I know what mine is. And I refuse to ever forget it again.

This is my fat body.

It did 60 jumping jacks. 20 sit-ups. 3 sets of 15 reps of arm workouts with 5 lb free weights. 

MY fat body did that. And it’s gonna do so much more too. Watch me.

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