My Moisturizers – Summer 2017 Edition

Something I neglected to do for far too long is take care to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized. I have naturally very sensitive and very dry skin. I was diagnosed with eczema when I was 3 years old and since then it’s been a battle to keep my skin under control. Winter usually makes the dry, flakey, itchy skin worse, but with sun and wind damage from being outside all season long, I tend to have some dryness issues during the summer as well.

A while ago I was sent LorΓ©al’s Revitalift Moisturizer and tasked with using it twice a day for two weeks. I did as was required and was surprised to find that it actually did help. Substantially. And even though I rarely used it, I also owned Elf Cosmetic’s Illuminating Eye Cream. Additionally I ordered No7’s Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil Serum because I’d always wanted to try a serum out. 

I decided it was time to take moisturizer much more seriously and I am SO glad I did.

The gang’s all here.

Both the LorΓ©al Revitalift and the Elf Illuminating Eye Cream are cream moisturizers. Both have fragrance added, but in my opinion neither fragrance is overwhelming or unpleasant. Upon application both creams leave a slightly greasy feeling, but both dry within about 5 minutes. The Revitalift especially dried to a soft texture on my skin.

I use both products every evening before bed. I wash my face, apply the Revitalift all over my face, jawline, and neck, then apply the Illuminating Eye Cream just to my naturally dark circles. I personally have noticed a definite brightening of those circles and my skin seems to have a bit more bounce.

Moving onto my No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil, I have to say this is a product I never could have imagined purchasing or using, but I can’t live without it now. I use the serum before applying makeup so my skin is moist and receptive to a full face. But, that’s not the only great use for it. A few drops of serum onto an eyeshadow brush works wonders for applying baked eyeshadows. A drop or two into my brow or liner cream makes the formula glide on more easily and gives me cleaner lines. It’s a product with so many different uses beyond just skin care.

As a woman in her 30’s I am more than ever aware that my skin is changing. I wish I’d done more in my teens and twenties to care for my skin, but it’s never too late to start. Whatever age you are, I encourage you to start moisturizing, if you do not currently. I recommend each of these products, but you don’t necessarily have to use all three or any of the three. Explore your different price points and options and don’t be afraid to try something new. (Like a serum or oil!)

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