Review: Saint & Sinner by Kat Von D Beauty

I love themes. I love themed products. So when I got my hands on deluxe samples of Saint and Sinner by Kat Von D Beauty, I was crazy excited. Because theme! Because gorgeous packaging! Because Kat Von D makes amazing stuff!

But, *sigh*, I’ll be honest with you: the most exciting thing about this pair is the packaging. 

Lemme explain…

Both scents are very pleasant.  If you’re looking for a nice smelling perfume, either will do. Saint is more classically effeminate with hints of musk, floral notes, and heavy vanilla layers. Sinner on the other hand is deeper, very musky, with quite a bit of spice. Saint feels young, fun, and flirty. Sinner is decidedly more mature, exotic, and sensual.

But, unfortunately that’s it. These scents are formulaic and leave little to the imagination. There are no complicated stories here. In short, neither are anything to write home about. 

I wanted to smell something a bit more challenging or unique, but neither Saint nor Sinner delivered that. With both coming with such a high end price tag, from a high end brand, I was disappointed in how, well, generic both scents were. This is not what I was expecting from the KVD brand.

Kat Von D Beauty has always struck me as being a bit more daring, but Saint and Sinner play it safe. And while I do very much like the scents (really!!), that’s the best I can say about them: they’re likeable. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but because I can’t discern anything really spectacular about either, I can’t see myself paying the full price tag for either perfume. They’re nice…but, sadly, just not super special. 

That said, if you’re looking for something classic or predictable, I do recommend them. A small smudge of either on my wrists lasted the entire day and one thing I can say about these scents is neither smelled oppressive or overbearing. That is a definite pro. 

If you know for a fact you like gentle, vanilla scents, Saint will be perfect for you. If you instead like a bit more spice, I can recommend Sinner. But, if you’re picky (and I admit that I am) and want a bit more challenge, Saint and Sinner might not be for you. I see this pair as a great introduction to perfumes for young people. But, if you’re a seasoned perfume wearer with an expansive collection, I’d skip them. You just won’t find anything overly unique or new here.

*I received this product for free from Influenster for the purposes of review. However, all opinions are my own. If you’re interested in trying out high end products like these for free, please click here to be taken to*

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