My DREAM Vanity! 

I adore home decor because it gives me the ability to express myself within the very walls of my home. Considering I work from home, I’m here a LOT, so I’ve always placed a lot of emphasis on the design and decor of my various spaces.

One area that hasn’t had a lot of love yet is my makeup vanity! I’ve made the most of what I have by using an antique table my mother gave me and other antique or vintage finds, but it still isn’t my dream vanity. 

My current vanity.

Yesterday LaleeLovesBeauty posted an amazing blog post full of her dream vanity items and I thought, “OMG. I SHOULD DO THAT TOO!!” So, here it is!!

(All photos found through Pinterest or Google. I do not claim ownership of them.)
The Furniture 

I am obsessed with these gorgeous, antique vanities. Why aren’t these a thing anymore??? These amazing pieces had storage for all your intimates and beauty products, a giant mirror, and plenty of surface area! My DREAM is to own a classically refurbished vanity like the one pictured so I can feel like the fancy, classy lady I am! 

Because I have a flair for the dramatic, a boring ol’ stool will not do for me. I need to be able to sit back and stare at the wonder I have created. I need something regal and daring. And I know, this chair is way too big for that giant vanity but hush! This is my dream! And I dream BIG! I’d love to find an antique chair like this and like the vanity, have it classically restored. No shabby-chic remuddle for me, thanks! 


I love mirror trays!! They’re so effeminate. I remember watching old black and white movies and the starlets always had these fabulous, ornate mirror trays holding their bobbins and hair pins and perfumes! I neeeeed!!

I love pewter and silver! My mother left me this incredible antique silver tray when she passed away and I cherish it. I also love using ordinary items, like mugs or sugar bowls for storing things. I’d love a few items like the ones pictured for holding my brushes!

A few old drawers from various antique pieces are perfect for organising palettes, lotions, serums, and more! One or two of these set about will help me keep everything neat and clean!


I am a sucker for these vintage hurricane style lamps. I actually own several because I just love them so! My DREAM is to have one lamp like this on one side of my vanity and…

..and a lamp like this hanging above the other side!! I love the look of glass hanging lamps like this because they feel very other-worldly to me!

Extra Goodies

I would love tons of little vintage mirrors lying about or hung on the walls here and there around the vanity! All that light reflecting, and all the charm that comes with It!

I wouldn’t be a proper goth wannabe if I didn’t have a few skulls and ravens around! I also want flowers though! Flowers everywhere, and dried petals! Adding just a hint of gothic macabre to my classic vanity.

And finally, old photos. Thankfully I have a few old family photos already framed. I want to frame all of them and have them hung or displayed around my vanity because they’re so charming AND I love seeing who in my family I favor!

So, that’s my dream vanity! Something a bit dark, but classic! It fits my personal style so well and my decorating preferences! 

What about you?? What does your dream vanity look like??

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