Girls Trip 2017 – Part 2 – The Clothes!

Even though I wear all black and I proudly consider myself a goth-wannabe, I know there are still plenty of black outfits that are perfect for warm, sunny weather! I went through my closet and picked out a few I thought would give me the best of both worlds!

The first outfit I grabbed was this Torrid bralette and Target skirt combo! I adore the stripes and the midi length of this skirt so much! And paired with the black bralette it’s a breezy outfit that’s both darker AND suited for beachy weather!

Of course I had to pack a suit for the beach so I brought this gorgeous suit I purchased from Swimsuits For All. I love the oil slick design on the front, I love that I can change up the straps, and I love that the back is all black!

I had to bring this dress I purchased from Ross Dress For Less because it’s so fun and loose. The little poms on the bottom give it so much interest, the straps are nice and thin allowing for a lot of movement, and it fits so comfortably and loosely. I wore it to the beach for an evening of star gazing and beach drinking and it was perfect for it.

The rest of what I packed included:

Two pairs of leggings, two loose t-shirts for bumming around the condo in, and that’s it! By packing only a few outfits I kept my luggage to a minimum! I still had everything I needed to get the most of our beach trip, without overwhelming myself with options. 

What do you bring on vacation? Strictly the bare minimum or do you basically bring your entire wardrobe with you?

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