5 Makeup Fads We’ll Mock In 10 Years

I’m in my early 30’s so I’ve been alive long enough now to see several makeup trends become iconic and must-have, only to fade into oblivion and be made fun of after the haze of what’s popular has finally cleared.

Me circa early 2005. Tiny eyebrows, frosty eyeshadow, lip gloss, awkward blond hair in short bob.

Today I want to stare into my magic ball and predict the current trends that we’ll all make fun of in about a decade. These are all based on my opinion of course, but it will be interesting to look back on this post to see if I was right.

So, without further ado, let’s predict the future!

1. Sharp, Thick, Overdrawn Eyebrows

Right now nothing makes me prouder than perfecting my thick brows with clean lines and a slight fade. I remember the first time I did it I was so excited. And these aren’t even as sharp and thick as some I’ve seen. It’s a whole ‘nother level. The trend right now is to make every facet of one’s appearance seem plastic and painted on. It’s like we all want to be little dolls. Gone is any semblance of looking au’naturale. I think we’ll look back at our eyebrows and we’ll roll our eyes.

2. Winged Eyeliner ALL THE TIME

I’m still not an accomplished winged-liner applicator, but no matter what look I’m doing, I’m reaching for any one of my black liner products. We ooh and ahh over sharp af winged liner and strive for that level of perfection, but it’s in literally every look. Okay, not literally, but most! It feels like Americans especially are obsessed with winged liner. And the bigger the better. I think in 10 years we’ll wonder why we thought our faces weren’t complete without three inches of black liner etched across our eyes.

3. Over-drawn, Over-puckered Lips

Now, listen, I am fully aware I have naturally more pouty lips and not all women are born with thicker lips. But, good gracious, thin lipped women hate their mouths. Overlining, injections, straight up surgery, the list goes on. Thick, cartoon-ish lips are everything right now and while I don’t think luscious lips will ever be out of fashion entirely, I do think we’ll look back at some of the more extreme cases and cringe.

4. Ombre Everything

Uncle Ben told us, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But, do we listen? Nah. We get downright reckless and irresponsible with our trends. Such is the case with the ombre effect. Once we figured out it was a thing, we wanted it everywhere, all the time. Nails? Check. Hair? Check. Lips? Check. Eyes? Check. If it can be ombre’d, it will be. And while I have to admit I do adore the lovely fade of a well done ombre, I imagine our future selves will wonder why we hated using just one color.


This picture isn’t even that great of an example because I’m not as contour obsessed as most, BUT I still do contour in my own way EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Once we realized contouring could drastically alter our appearance in photos without Photoshop or surgery, it was game over. Subtly shade my double chin so it looks less double-y? Yes, please. Make my face look slightly thinner than it is? I’ll have an order of that, thanks. Turn my bulbous nose into something a bit more dainty? PUT ME DOWN FOR SOME OF THAT. Contouring changed the game for many blossoming ingΓ©nue but in its most extreme forms it just looks…fake. And not in a good way. I feel we’ll look back on these photos of our faces so distorted by contouring and wonder why we thought that was okay!

And that’s my 5 makeup fads we’ll mock in 5 years!! What did you think about my list? Do you agree or disagree? Did I hit the mark or do you think I missed a few? Let me know in the comments down below!!

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