A Day With Kate Spade

A few weeks ago I was reached out to by the director of our local Kate Spade store about a VIP event they were hosting! I’d stepped foot into Kate Spade a few times and always adored literally everything I saw, but hadn’t yet found the courage to commit to something!

So, when Jessika Perez with Kate Spade Bridge Street Town Centre in Huntsville contacted me, I was ESTATIC! An opportunity to mingle with other influencers and check out Kate Spade’s fall line was too good to pass up!

The new fall line is absolutely gorgeous. The theme is poppies so everything is built around this fabulous, deep red, and flawless ebony black.

My plus-one and dear friend trying on some gorgeous Kate Spade duds!

As a plus size woman, unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of clothing options for me, BUT even if Kate Spade didn’t do clothes, I could LIVE in their stores. Their accessories, jewelry, bags, and shoes are phenomenal quality and design.

For coming to this event and giving the Kate Spade store and their muses a shout-out, I was gifted a 40% discount on anything in store and it took me no time to figure out what I wanted! I saw Antoine, a precious French Bulldog, on so many delightful items that it was hard to choose which ones I wanted to bring home!

After perusing the store for about an hour, I settled on a matching necklace and earring set featuring Antoine!!

The earrings are darling because Antoine is peeking through your earlobe while his lil’ feetsies curl up underneath the lobe! And the necklace is the perfect size and length, plus how cute is his little stubby tail! Each item comes lovingly wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper and boxes, and comes with its own super soft drawstring bag!

I had so much fun at this event, mingling with the Kate Spade muses (awesome staff who bend over backwards to make sure you have an amazing experience), and checking out the latest Kate Spade line! I’m officially a Kate Spade customer for life!

If you’d like to visit the Kate Spade store I hung out at, you can find them on Instagram at @mels_muse_moves or Jessika on Instagram at @j.e.s.s.i.k.a! Kate Spade in Huntsville, Alabama is located in Bridge Street Town Center! If you decide to pop in, tell them Tamara sent you. πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

Until next time!!

I received a discount on items at Kate Spade for attending this event and giving this Kate Spade store a shout-out. All opinions are my own.

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