Making The Leap – Why Are You Here?

Hello! Welcome to Part 2 of my series on becoming an Influencer! In this series I’m going to give you all the behind the scenes info on how I’ve been able to start receiving products and services for free and how I’ve grown my social media presence on my chosen platform: Instagram!

If you’re new to this series, I encourage you to start at the beginning with my introduction, So You Wanna Be An Influencer. There I’ve asked readers to answer 5 important questions before moving forward and I’ve given a little of my backstory and why I’ve decided to start this series!

Start here!

Still reading? Good! That means you’ve already figured out your answers to the five questions I asked you in my last post! We’re going to tackle one question at a time over the next five posts, so strap in! Let’s do this!

Starting with question one: Why do you want to be an Influencer? 

I hope you’ve gotten to the core of why you want to do this, but if you’re unsure of your answer or you don’t think it’s very eloquent, don’t worry! Mine was kinda complicated too.

When I started out with my makeup account, @TamaraCanup, I desperately wanted to find a creative outlet that allowed me a place to express myself, interact with other creators, and eventually make money doing it. Being an Influencer fulfills those desires and it also gives me a platform to address things I feel strongly about: body positivity, self love, social justice and equality, and the importance of kindness. Under the veil of beauty and fashion I’ve been able to explore those topics with my followers/readers and above all else, I wanted that the most.

What is it you want out of this experience? Keep that as your focus and don’t waver from it. If you know in your heart of hearts what you want to do or be, then don’t be swayed, and TRUST ME, there are people who will try to sway you.

This shirt knows what’s up!

About five months into this journey I realized a friend who is a professional makeup artist had unfollowed me on Instagram, quite suddenly and unexpectedly. As we had been friends for years and she was a huge inspiration for me, I reached out and asked her what happened (assuming it was something unrelated to my makeup endeavors).

As it turns out, it was completely, 100% related to the makeup. My friend had become angry at my growth on Instagram (having about 1300 followers at that time). She felt personally offended that I was doing what I was doing, she was offended that I was blogging about beauty and makeup because in her opinion I had not earned the right to talk about makeup or my experiences and opinions on it. 

She asserted that she, as a real professional makeup artist, had earned her accolades and I had not. But, despite what she was saying, the reality is that it had nothing to do with me personally: she was jealous. At that time she had just over 200 followers and she did not get the same engagement I did. And she revealed this jealously in one final statement defending her decision to strike an unnecessary blow to our friendship: “You have so many followers anyways I figured you wouldn’t notice one less.”

But, I did notice. Because she was my friend. I trusted her. I loved her. I still love her. And I miss her. But, I realized in that conversation that our journey was coming to an end. And that’s okay.

When you pursue your passions and you go forth into the darkness with gusto and fervor, you’re going to make some people uncomfortable. Some of these people will be close friends. Some will be lovers. Some will be family members. It’s a cold, harsh reality: your bright, shining, inner light will be too much for some people. And they will try to snuff it out.

Don’t you let them.

Keep your eyes fixed on why you started this journey in the first place. Ignore the naysayers, the haters, and the “tough love” “experts” who offer uninvited criticisms and insults. Surround yourself with people who love you and support you and are overjoyed to see you prosper. Those are the people who belong on your journey with you. (And remember who they are. Commit to memory every person who cheered you on and loved you through. There will be opportunities for you to return the favor and support them the same way they have supported you. Make sure you take those opportunities to return the favors.)

To sum up, figure out your why. Figure it out now. And once you have it, hold tight to it. Your “why” will be your guide, your compass, as you make your way down this road.

That wraps up this week’s post, but don’t worry! We’re making our way to the questions I’ve been asked by family and friends, but this stuff is important too. So hang in there with me as we take this journey together.

 Next week we’re going to discuss your answer to question two: What’s the best case scenario? 

If you’re enjoying this series and you’d like to see more, please feel free to follow this blog and share with your friends!

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