Strengths And Weaknesses

Hello! Welcome to Part 6 of my series on becoming an Influencer! In this series I’m going to give you all the behind the scenes info on how I’ve been able to start receiving products and services for free and how I’ve grown my social media presence on my chosen platform: Instagram!

If you’re new to this series, I encourage you to start at the beginning with my introduction, So You Wanna Be An Influencer. There I’ve asked readers to answer 5 important questions before moving forward and I’ve given a little of my backstory and why I’ve decided to start this series!

So, let’s talk strengths and weaknesses!!

I always hated job interviews. I’m charismatic enough that I got every job I ever interviewed for, except for one. But, I hated the fake back and forth of the standard interview. The monotonous tone, the disinterested HR person who is just trying to make it through to another weekend, the plastic smile I have to wear to show I am just so super excited to have gotten dressed up in order to act out my resume in real life, even though they literally have all my qualifications and credentials before them.

But, most of all, more than anything, I hated one standard question:

“So, what would you say your strengths and weaknesses are?”

If I could banish that question from every future job interview for every person ever, I would. Because it’s a bullshit question that doesn’t lead to any real revelations about the person being interviewed. It’s just filling. And it’s useless.

Remember that one interview I had that did not lead to a job offer? It’s because I didn’t need the job; I was just exploring extra income for my family. So, when that question came up, I didn’t give my standard, go-to, bullshit answer. Instead I said, “As far as this position? No weaknesses. I’ve done this job before and I did it well. If you hire me I’ll deliver a good work ethic. I have no weaknesses in regards to this position.”

And I left it at that. Because I was tired of making up reasons I might not be good at something when I WAS good at that job. I believe in humility 100%, but I also believe in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and learning how to make them work for you. I believe in authenticity; not fake humility. And I decided that day I was done faking anything.

The truth is, we all know our own strengths and weaknesses (well, most of us…the rest of us try out for American Idol…) but making our strengths work for us and not allowing out weaknesses to work against us can be tough.

As you explore your social media presence and expand your influence, you’re going to want to keep those strengths and weaknesses in mind. 

For example, when I started out, I knew I was absolute rubbish at makeup, BUT I’ve been a freelance writer for close to 4 years and I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade. So, I played to my strength: writing! I made a point of writing captions to my photos that kept people interested and engaged. 

At the same time I’ve known several people that weren’t great at makeup either, but had an amazing eye for product photography. Their flatlays and product shots are swoonworthy.

Figure out what you’re good at and lead with it. And then work on your weaknesses as you go. If you play up your strengths, people will be less inclined to overly criticize your shortcomings. There will always be those who will, of course, but it’s like sleight of hand: show them something wonderful over here, and they’ll be too focused on it to notice you’re secretly picking their pocket (or in my case, attempting to better my makeup application and technique.)

My brows are garbage here. But, if you’re engaged with what you’ve been reading, you probably didn’t notice that immediately. See how that works?

Lastly, be upfront about your weaknesses. People on the internet love thinking they’ve discovered a secret. Don’t give them the opportunity. Own your weaknesses. From the get go I told my Instagram followers that I was new at makeup AND I intentionally pointed out my problem areas. Like Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect…

Don’t give your haters the pleasure of plying your weaknesses and exposing them for you. Own them without shame or regret. They are part of you and EVERYONE has them. Fear is for fools. Be fearless with your vulnerability.

So, interview time: what are your strengths and weaknesses? How can you use your strengths to your advantage? Are you ready to own all your weaknesses? 

And with that, we close the question and answer portion of this series! Hurray! You made it through the first part! You took a long hard look at yourself, at what you want out of this, and hopefully you’ve come out the other side more informed and inspired than you were before. 

I am so glad you have decided to stick around AND I can not WAIT to start divulging the little secrets, tips, and tricks I’ve learned this past year about growing my influence and working with brands! These tactics and approaches have worked for me and trust me: if I can do it, ANYONE can. 

So, let’s do this! You and me! I am so ready to move forward with you! 

One thought on “Strengths And Weaknesses

  1. Love this post and will definitely go back to your past posts on this subject! Thanks for sharing your experiences and expertise in this area! Thanks for choosing to follow my blog! I appreciate your support!!


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