Naked Cosmetics – A Crash Course In Working With Mica Pigments

I LOVE mica pigments and powders. When I received my first Naked Cosmetics pigment in an Ipsy bag 6 months ago, I understood how amazing it was IMMEDIATELY. The versatility of pigments is mind blowing. I have realized however that not everyone feels comfortable using mica pigments; including established makeup artists and enthusiasts.

Full face using Naked Cosmetics Mica pigments

If working with mica pigments is a bit scary, this post is for you. Here I’ll break down how I use them, why I love them, AND I’ll have a coupon code for you down below.

Before I proceed, I want you to know that some of these products I received for free from Naked Cosmetics for the purposes of trying out and reviewing. However, I purchased and owned several pots of Naked pigments prior to being offered the opportunity to review them, so my opinions here are completely my own and based on my own actual experiences and feelings.

Let’s get started!

Naked Cosmetics Mica Powder Dessert Sunset 02

What Are Mica Pigments

Mica pigments are cosmetic grade fine powders, used for naturally or chemically adding color to a variety of products. Almost every single colored makeup product you use contains mica. It has to. That’s where the color comes from. But, most companies don’t sell the pigment directly to consumers. These pigments are often purchased in bulk, at varying amounts and qualities, and added into cosmetics during the manufacturing process to give us the colors we want and love. Lipsticks? Mica. Eyeshadow? Mica. Blush? Mica. Mica is in everything you put on your face, with exception to some face powders. So, don’t think this is some strange, foreign powder. It’s not. You wear it all the time!

Naked Cosmetics, L to R; Ebony Collection, Urban Rustic Collection, Ivory Collection

Who Is Naked Cosmetics

Naked Cosmetics is a Florida, USA based company that has been in operation selling vegan mica pigments for twelve years! That’s right. They’ve been around longer than a lot of popular indie companies AND their products are SAFE for use and trustworthy. Not all pigments are created equally. Buying from Naked means what you’re putting on your face has passed rigorous regulations, is very pure, and won’t cause harm to your skin. I don’t know about you, but stuff like that matters to me.

How To Use Mica Pigments

Now we get to the fun part: how to use mica pigments!! This isn’t so much a lesson in what you can do, but a lesson in what CAN’T you do?? Because the pigments I get from Naked are safe, I can use them everywhere without fear of them harming my skin or body. And a little goes a LONG way. It will take ages for me to use up an entire pot just becsuse of how fine and how pigmented these powders are. So, let’s look at some of the things I’ve used mine for:

  • In Lip Looks
Naked Cosmetics, Ebony 03 and Ebony 06 created this Slytherin inspired lipstick

The above photo used two mica pigments at the same time to create this look. I used a black pigment with silver sparkle (from Naked’s Ebony Collection) and a shimmery green pigment (also from Naked’s Ebony collection) to create this Slytherin inspired lipstick. Completely one of a kind and all mine! I simply coated my lips with Naked’s Glossy Lips gloss, and gently padded on each pigment until I got the look I wanted. You can create one of a kind lipsticks for yourself OR brush a small amount of pigment onto lipsticks you already love to add a whole new dimension to it. (I like to do this with my super shimmery pigments so my lips take on a dual chrome or metallic look, as seen below.)

Naked Cosmetics Sierra Nevada mica pigment
  • On Eyes
Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigments eye looks

This look was created using just Naked Cosmetics mica pigments, some mascara, and false lashes. Everything else was mica. Blending with mica pigments will forever be my favorite thing because they’re so pure and so creamy and so blendable. The colors just melt right into each other. Here I’ve used four different pigments to create this look and they came together so well. I was very proud of how this came out.

  • As A Highlight
Naked Cosmetics Ivory Collectiom

Mica pigments create the creamiest, milkiest highlights. In this photo I used Naked Cosmetic’s Ivory 02 to add extra dimension to my face. This purple highlight is other-worldly and gorgeous. That glow you see has not been photoshopped in. That’s all mica pigment and natural light. (Naked’s Ivory collection is perfect for highlights.)

  • In Nail Looks
Naked Cosmetics used in nail looks

Mica pigments add gorgeous shine to any nail look. They can be used by themselves mixed with a clear polish, OR brushed into other nail polishes to create something totally new. Pictured above I brushed my Naked Cosmetics Sierra Nevada 03 into a flat brown nail polish to create this gorgeous metallic sheen. It changed the entire look altogether and was absolutely eye-catching. 

Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic collection

Wet Or Dry
Mica Pigments can be used two ways: wet or dry. For highlight, I use them dry because they’re more sheer that way. But for nails, lips, and eye looks, I usually use them wet. Wetting your pigments will bring out their full punch of color, so wetting your brush a bit before dipping it into your pigment will deliver so.much.color. 

Naked Cosmetics Ebony Collection

In Conclusion

If you haven’t tried mica pigments out yet, I highly recommend giving them a go. These versatile powders will add so much to your looks and once you’ve conquered them, you’ll wonder how you lived without ’em!

And if you’re interested in trying some mica pigments out for yourself, grab my code, TamaraCanup30, for 30% off any order at Naked Cosmetics. Give them a try. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Till next time. πŸ–€

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