Why I’ve Stopped Using Glitter In My Looks

I love sparkle and shine. I love the gorgeous shimmer of of light dancing across a well lit glittery nail or eye. It’s gorgeous. It’s magic. And it’s no wonder glitter is one of our favorite makeup essentials these days.

But, I can’t be a part of the glitter club anymore.

Because it is literally destroying our world.

First, you have to understand what glitter is. It’s plastic and aluminum. The process of getting these two materials is, in and of itself, very damaging to our planet.

But, let’s go beyond that. Let’s look at what happens after it’s made. Whether you’re sweeping it up, wiping it off, or washing it down the drain, that glitter will never, ever decompose. That means you are sending the glitter you’ve caked all over your body to a grave where it will never do anything but cause harm to the planet.

This glitter is in our waterways and in our soil, where wildlife comes in contact with it, often consuming it unintentionally. If it doesn’t kill them (which is most likely), it follows the food chain back to us. And tada!! We ourselves consume these chemicals and plastics. People who eat shellfish can consume up to 11,000 piece of microplastics (glitter) every year. So, if you like shellfish, you’re eating glitter. Congratulations. 

So, that’s the end of it, right? No way to change things, correct?

Well, not quite. There is hope. A ton of brands are jumping on the biodegradable bandwagon so if you love the sparkle of glitter in your looks, you can still have it WITHOUT adding further harm to our waterways and animal friends. These biodegradable glitters are made from a thin film of cellulose, derived from eucalyptus tree leaves. What you use will break back down within a few months, depending on environmental factors and are completely compostable, if you’d rather compost them yourself. 

A few biodegradable glitter companies:

Eco Glitter Fun
Wild Glitter
Projekt Glitter
Eco Stardust
And there are even more, if you take the time to look and educate yourself.

So, no, I won’t be using PET (Polyethylene terephthalate…plastic) based glitters anymore, but I will be ordering biodegradable glitters from here on out because there’s nothing more beautiful than protecting our home. 

Are you ready to join me in ditching PET glitter??

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