We Need To Talk About Body Positive Clickbait

There’s a trend. It’s been a trend for a while. It’s a trend I myself have dabbled in.

Incessant Body Positive clickbaiting and ranting.

Divisiveness is a powerful tool. There are hundreds of thousands of content creators who use their platform to bring about division amongst people because arguing humans means more clicks, more comments, more engagement, more sponsorships, more features, more money. They do it because it works. The internet is fertile and ready for sowing. All you have to do is sprinkle a little dissent in there and you’re good to go.

As a fat woman this is SO easy to do. If I upload a picture of my body and fill the caption with accusatory, self righteous comments about people not accepting my body, and screw skinny women, and only real women have curves, I have created a breeding ground for engagement. Some thin people and fat shamers will lose their minds and go out of their way to set me straight (having no idea that I don’t care and I’m just manipulating them to get engagement), and THEN some fellow fat women will swoop in and come to my defense and thus begins crazy, deep argument threads that benefit no one…except me.

I see this constantly. I see Instagram accounts with tens of thousands of followers and great engagement and each post is like this. And it’s exhausting. It is so exhausting reading the captions because they’re all the same. They use the same buzzwords, triggers, phrases, and hashtags and they work. They absolutely work. Because they KNOW half the internet hates fat women and the other half loves us. So, why not pit those sides against each other and cash in on the feuding?

I won’t be doing that. I refuse. And it is so tempting. Every time I see the numbers some of these Body Posi Manipulators pull I think, “Dang…I mean…I could write a really good rant and get that kind of engagement too…”

But I won’t. Because I’m not here just to be Body Positive. I’m here to be Spirit Positive too. And constant, intentional, manipulative divisiveness, argumentativeness, and defensiveness isn’t good for the spirit. And I want no part of it.

I’m begging you, fellow body positive warriors…lay down your arms and cut it out with the divisive clickbait articles, Instagram posts, and Facebook rants. We’re more than just angry fat women on the internet. We are so much more. Can we please start acting like it?

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