Review: Six Months Of Rocksbox

For the last six months I’ve been an affiliate with the monthly subscription service, Rocksbox! Rocksbox delivers sets of three designer jewelry pieces to your door for just $21 a month. You wear what you like, buy what you can’t part with, and then send the rest back for a whole new set of jewelry. Think of it as renting. For $21 you rent, with the option to buy at a huge discount, expensive designer jewelry. As much as you want of it. And from trusted houses like Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, and others. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

I have loved being one of Rocksbox’s It Girls these past six months and now that my time is coming to an end, I want to take a minute to do a full review of my experience with this service and with the Rocksbox team!

My most recent set! All rose gold!

Being A ROCKSBOX It Girl

First of all, it’s a huge honor anytime a brand says they’d like to work with you. They’re willing to put their products into your hands, relying only on your experiences and connections to get those products out to the public. That’s pretty huge. Being an It Girl for Rocksbox was a blast.

First off, you’re given a predetermined term length of complimentary service. This is all at Rocksbox discretion. My initial term was three months and I was given an extra three months after that ended, giving me a total of six months as an affiliate. With my affiliateship, I was given a special code for people to use for a free month of service (TamaraCanupxoxo, which is still active until February 12th, 2018) and for every person who signed up with my code, given $5. Not a bad deal!

Considering you’re already getting $21/month of service for free, plus the $5 for people who sign up, this is an awesome opportunity.

The Rocksbox team uses Impact Radius to track campaigns, manage payouts, and keep your tax info organized because under US tax laws any long term service or product over $100 you receive as an Influencer must be reported on your taxes and Rocksbox is on top of that. Thank goodness. One less thing to worry about at tax time!

Blair is your Rocksbox contact and they’re incredible. Very communicative, easy to get a hold of, and welcoming. Rocksbox handles influencers and bloggers with class.

Overall, if you’re looking for a brand doing Influencer Marketing right, Rocksbox is there. If you have the privilege of working with them, you won’t be disappointed.

The Service Itself

Years ago I worked at a jewelry store. I spent my days special ordering custom pieces, assisting customers, selling items behind the counter, and cleaning the jewelry. Part of the job was looking the part so I used my employee discount to purchase a few gold pieces I’ve worn for years.

After I had my daughter however I couldn’t really wear them anymore. I was unintentionally scratching her or snagging her blankets on my rings and bracelets. And wearing necklaces and earrings were just too tempting for her tiny fingers, so for several years I just stopped wearing jewelry altogether.

My jewelry collection was pretty dismal and I was starting to really miss wearing pretty things. My daughter is a pre-teen now so I’m definitely ready to start wearing jewelry all the time again. Rocksbox came into my life at just the right time for that.

I love this service. Seriously. I love it so much I’m staying on as a customer. Through Rocksbox I’ve experimented with styles, tones, shapes, lengths, and materials. I used to be a “silver only” girl. Now I’m realizing I look AMAZING in gold and rose gold. I have learned so much about my likes and dislikes because of Rocksbox.

And thanks to Rocksbox, I can try things out before I buy them. Sometimes I see something in store that I think will look good on me, but once I try it on I realize it does NOT fit my style or my body at ALL. Think of Rocksbox as a jewelry dressing room. Pick out things you like, try them on, if you like them you can buy them, if you don’t, just send them back for more. Who wouldn’t love that??

The Jewelry Quality

These are designer pieces. Meaning these aren’t items you’ll find on a Walmart rack of $10 necklaces. These are high quality items with real stone, real gold, and real design. One of my favorite houses is Kate Spade and Rocksbox carries many of their pieces. I’ve purchased a few through my Rocksbox membership and I love them so much.

So, the quality is there. It just is. Rocksbox intentionally picks high quality brands and houses to work with and carry. And considering the prices of the items you receive, $21 a month is crazy affordable. My most recent set is $180 worth of jewelry. That I can just wear whenever I want. And then send back. For $21. That’s such a good deal, y’all.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think anything speaks louder than my decision to stay on as a Rocksbox customer now that my time as a Rocksbox It Girl has ended. Now that I’ve had Rocksbox in my life, I can’t imagine parting with it. I truly love this service and the Rocksbox team.

Remember, from now until February 12, 2018 you can still use my code, TamaraCanupxoxo, to try Rocksbox for free for a month, but after that expires I will have a referral code for you and I’ll update my blog with it when it’s active!

Thank you so much, Rocksbox, for an amazing six months! I’m so looking forward to our continued relationship as a customer!

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