Review: SoapBox Soaps + Coupon Code

A few months ago I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from SoapBox Soaps hanging out in my inbox. SoapBox reached out to me about trying a few of their products out and I was intrigued. I’d seen their products on shelves at Target and Publix, but I’d yet to try them. Obviously I agreed to give them a spin and anxiously awaited their arrival.

First off, SoapBox sent me a shampoo and conditioner of my choosing. From their haircare line they have:

Tea Tree – Clean & Purify (in both shampoo and conditioner)

Argan Oil – Control & Soften (in both shampoo and conditioner)

Bamboo – Strength & Body (in both shampoo and conditioner)

Coconut Oil – Moisture & Nourish (in both shampoo and conditioner)

SoapBox Soaps Coconut Oil Shampoo, Argan Oil Conditioner

I have thick, dry, color treated hair, and I wanted to try out two different kinds from their line so I asked for the Coconut Oil Shampoo and the Argan Oil Conditioner. I chose these because both focus on moisture and softening the hair and I desperately need that.

As someone who dyes their hair, my other concern is always using products that won’t leech color from my hair. SoapBox Soaps haircare products promise not to do that because they’re SLS and SLES free, meaning color stays put. This was very promising news.

After my first use I could feel the difference in my hair. And yes, it left my color intact! My hair was visibly shinier and much, much softer and easier to manage than how it felt before. After using these products for two weeks, I was hooked and personally ordered more for my whole family to use. At $6.99 a bottle, this is not a bad deal at all, especially if you have a coupon (which, lucky for you, I have!)

Color treated hair after using SoapBox Soaps shampoo and conditioner!

So, needless to say, I adore the haircare line from SoapBox. And when SoapBox asked if I’d like to try some of their other products too, I JUMPED at the opportunity. This time they sent over two of their hand soaps: the Sea Minerals & Blue Iris Bar Hand Soap and the Pomegranate & Plum Liquid Hand Soap.

SoapBox Soaps – Sea Minerals & Blue Iris Bar Hand Soap, Pomegranate & Plum Liquid Hand Soap

First, I adore the smell of both these products. SoapBox picked these out for me and they picked two of my favorite smells without even realizing it. The Pomegranate & Plum Liquid Hand Soap has a gentle fruity smell that isn’t at all overbearing. It’s subtle and pleasant. The Sea Minerals & Blue Iris Bar Hand Soap smells so clean and so fresh. It’s a very light, airy scent.

SoapBox Soaps – Sea Minerals & Blue Iris Bar Hand Soap

Both soaps lather so well and leave my hands crazy soft. I have naturally dry skin and I’m prone to eczema on my hands, so keeping them moisturized is a big deal for me. I’m very cautious about the soaps I use because anything overly drying will trigger a patchy eczema outbreak, especially in this dry winter weather.

SoapBox Soaps – Pomegranate & Plum Liquid Hand Soap

After using both soaps for the last few weeks I’ve ordered more of those too. They smell and feel so good I don’t have to fight with my kid about washing their hands anymore. They want to do it. That’s a win in my book.

But, there’s one more important thing about SoapBox that really keeps me coming back for more. For every product sold, SoapBox sends a bar of soap to a person in need. SoapBox works with organizations here in the US and abroad to put soap into the hands of people who don’t have access to it otherwise. To date SoapBox has sent nearly 3 million bars of soap to those in need. That’s incredible! And even better, you can track your purchase via a Hope Code that comes on each product and this code will tell you exactly how and where your purchase is making a difference. As a parent, this is a such a cool way to get my kid involved with being aware of how her actions can affect others.

I love SoapBox Soaps. I love this message, this mission, and the products. I love them so much, I wasn’t even required to write this in exchange for the products. All they asked for is an Instagram post. And yet, here I am. Because this is a good company doing good work and I wanted you to know.

If you’d like to try SoapBox out for yourself, grab my code, *love*Tamara, for 10% off your order. Just because. And seeing how Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, now is a great time to give love to those around you, and those in need, by giving the gift of amazing soaps!

Credit – SoapBox Soaps

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