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A few weeks ago I heard about Jewel On Fire and I was immediately intrigued. Jewel On Fire is an online jewelry shop that “cuts out the middle man”, connecting customers to jewelry manufacturers and craftsman directly. Everything ships from here in the US and everything ships for FREE, regardless of what you purchase. Additionally you have 30 days to return your jewelry if it isn’t want you expected. Sounds like a decent deal, but how good *are* these deals, really?

That’s what I wanted to find out, SO I went to and started perusing the site.

Jewel On Fire carries a pretty wide range of jewelry piece. They have necklaces, rings, bracelets, and entire jewelry sets in materials as basic as gold plated brass and sterling silver, to 10k white and yellow gold with diamond insets. The prices on the gold and diamond pieces were especially interesting because, having worked in a jewelry store several years ago, I understand how inflated the prices of gems and diamonds generally are when you buy them elsewhere.

The prices range from $4.99 for simple costume jewelry, to the mid hundreds for more expensive, higher quality pieces. I looked around the site for a while before settling on this cute $29 sterling silver bat necklace.

According to the site, the regular price is $99, but their price is $28.99 so I was definitely interested in seeing how good the quality would actually be. I decided to also grab the bracelet below because I like the sort of boho style of it. The regular price of this is supposed to be $49, but I paid just $9.99.

Because I’m a member, I knew about the coupon code, DEALSPOT (which you can use too!) and used it for my order. It ended up taking a full 25% off my order so this came out being close to $10 off so my order total was just $29.23. Not a bad deal, if I’m being honest. But, I still needed to see what the actual quality was like.

I placed my order at 2:30pm central time on February 5th and received my order on February 10th. The website promises delivery on or before 8 days after making your purchase. In my case this meant my package would need to arrive on our before February 14th. And I’m happy to say it did. So far so good!

I wasn’t expecting the quality of the packaging. Even though these weren’t expensive items I purchased, they were well packaged and arrived safely and in one piece. I’m starting to get a little bit optimistic at this point.

First, I noticed how adorable the boxes are. There were three, small, silver boxes inside a padded envelope and each box contained the jewelry pieces, in individual plastic bags. (I’m going to hold onto these and reuse them during the holidays.)

Secondly, I noticed a lovely extra gift included in my package. (Gotta love a freebie.) They were precious sterling silver studs. I lost my last pair of silver studs recently so I was very happy to find this little gift!

Surprise freebie! Little sterling silver studs!

Sterling silver bat pendant and chain!

The sterling silver bat necklace is exactly as described. To test whether or not it is sterling silver, I looked for the sterling 925 stamp, which it does have. Additionally I rubbed it against a white cloth and there was a small amount of black left on the cloth (sterling silver oxidizes and will leave a black residue on white fabric) AND I did the magnet test. The only part of the necklace not sterling silver is the clasp. The rest is. I can say with absolute assurance that the price I paid for my sterling silver necklace was indeed a good deal because it really is actual sterling silver. This makes me happy.

While the necklace was exactly as I’d hoped it would be, the bracelet was not. Largely because it was the wrong bracelet entirely. I ordered a wrap bracelet with braided chords and silver pieces. I received something completely different.

Wrong bracelet shipped.

This happens and that’s why you should always research the returns policies before you buy online. JewelOnFire offers free returns and the return process was super simple. After signing into my account I easily located my orders and right there under each item ordered is a “Return” option. This opened a form that asked me the reason for the return and then I just had to hit, “Save” and voila! The return process was started.

On top of that, I received an email from the JOF team letting me know they’d gotten my return request and would be on top of it first thing Monday morning. Have you ever tried to return something online?? Do you know how often you get no correspondence or results?? I do. So, having the return process made so easy and having immediate response from JOF made quite the impression.

Unfortunately the bracelet I ordered was out of stock BUT true to their word, JOF got back to me on Monday, refunded the amount paid for the bracelet, and told me to keep the one they sent. It stinks not to get the other one I ordered, BUT the refund went through my PayPal and has already shown up. I have never had a return go so smoothly!!!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this experience and I do plan to purchase from Jewel On Fire the next time I’m looking for cute jewelry at a good price!

If you wanna try Jewel On Fire out, feel free to grab my code, TAMARACANUP, for a percentage off your purchase as well!!

*This is a sponsored post from Jewel On Fire and DealSpotr. All jewelry was purchased by me. All opinions and experiences are my own.*

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