Review: A Content Creating Game-Changer: Crowdfire

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ve probably already checked out this post, where I discussed some of my FAVORITE apps I use as a micro-influencer and blogger. (If you haven’t, make sure you toodle over there and give it a read when you’re done here. It’s full of good stuff!)

One of the apps I mentioned in that post is an app I’m going to be diving into again today because a.) it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want, and b.) Crowdfire reached out and is sponsoring this post! Woohoo! Y’all know I get excited about working with awesome brands, right?? (Click that Brands I Love link in the menu to see others I’ve been honored to work with.)

SO!! First of all, let’s break it down: what is Crowdfire? According to the app itself, Crowdfire helps you discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place. Your super-smart marketing sidekick that will help you grow online everyday.

Essentially Crowdfire enables you to build your engagement and audience by bringing you a collection of awesome content from around the web that you can share with your followers or potential followers. You can share these items across several platforms to maximize the exposure and likelihood of engaging your followers. Below is an in-app screenshot of the social media accounts I have synced up with Crowdfire.

Not only can you share awesome content tailored to you and your audience’s interests (for me I’ve selected to be shown only content related to art, beauty, makeup, fashion, and Instagram!), but by connecting your social media accounts and your websites (in my case, this very blog!!) you can set reminders to share your original content!

Recommended content based on my preferences that I can share right through Crowdfire!
MY original content I can schedule and post right through the Crowdfire app!

Crowdfire has created this awesome algorithm and system for sharing that will post your content for you however many times a month you’d like and at whatever times you’d like. OR you can leave it all up to Crowdfire and it will automatically post your content at the times when it is most likely to be seen and interacted with! Talk about an algorithm that actually works for users!!

And it does work. It actually DOES work. I’ve been using Crowdfire for 6 months. While I haven’t gained a great deal of followers from the use of it, my engagement on my blog and on Twitter has grown exponentially. Here, look at my statistical info for this blog below:

I started using Crowdfire in fall of last year. Before using Crowdfire I received about 1270 views and 635 visitors on the blog for THE ENTIRE YEAR OF 2017. Now look at 2018! It’s only March and I’ve already hit 1000 views and 509 visitors!! And the views on individual posts are growing too! I’m now averaging about 10 Likes per post, 3 shares on social media per post, and more comments than I ever had before Crowdfire. And it can only go up from here.

And the same thing is happening on Twitter and Facebook. People are seeing my posts on a regular basis now. AND Crowdfire does this super cool thing where it will actually recommend YOUR original content to other Crowdfire users to share! So we’re not just sharing content from major media but also from independent content creators!! I freaking love that!! It feels so much more intimate and authentic this way.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Okay, sounds awesome…what’s the catch?” There isn’t one, actually. Not really. Crowdfire is completely free to use, but the free version is more limited than the paid versions (which are priced at different tiers based on your needs). With the free version you can only share so many posts at a time, so if you get really zealous scheduling and sharing content you will inevitably run into a message that pops up telling you that you’ve used up your available number of posts. I actually got this message this morning myself. LOL!

Don’t fret! If you hit the maximum at the free level you can check out the paid tiers and see if any of them fit your needs OR just give it about a week or so and you’ll be good to go again! I’m such a heavy user I’ve considered getting the lowest tier, Plus, so I can go crazy with my content sharing. It’s definitely a viable option!!

So, to summarize: I legitimately use Crowdfire EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. And I legitimately love it (as mentioned above, I wrote about it here before Crowdfire ever reached out for a sponsored post!) I seriously love this app. And I highly recommend it. It’s easy to use, it’s affordable, and it absolutely will increase your engagement. Just scroll back up and look at my blog statistics again. That’s real. It is really happening. And it’s all because of Crowdfire.

I want to thank Crowdfire for reaching out to me about a sponsored post AND for creating an app that has helped content creators around the world reach new audiences and more deeply connect with current ones. Crowdfire is available on pretty much every platform so get out there and get growing! You will NOT regret it and you’ll even wonder how you managed without it!

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