Review: Fizz & Bubble

A few weeks ago Fizz & Bubble reached out to me about trying a few new items they have available and of course I IMMEDIATELY said yes!! About a year ago exactly I did a quickie Instagram review of some Fizz & Bubble Cupcake Bath Bombs and they were okay, but not overly impressive. So, getting the opportunity to give Fizz & Bubble another shot really intrigued me and with that, we’re off!

I was super surprised by the goodies Fizz & Bubble sent over! I expected a bath bomb, but finding a whole slew of fizzies and bombs made my day.

First off, the Unicorn themed items. These are new from Fizz & Bubble and super adorable. I have never seen ANYTHING like the Unicorn Fizzy Donut and frankly, it is so dang cute I almost didn’t want to use it!

The Unicorn Swirl Fizzy I just HAD to use first, because all those colors are TO DIE FOR and I had a feeling it would give me the BIG payoff of fizzle and color that I’d hoped I’d get from my last Fizz & Bubble experience. And IT PAID OFF INDEED!!


The colors in this video aren’t nearly as bright as it was in real life. By the time the fizzy had finished my bath water was a bright pink and super glittery!! And the smell was awesome PLUS my skin felt super soft.

With high hopes I grabbed my Unicorn Milkshake bath fizzies for my next bath. These tiny bombs pack just enough fizzy punch for an enjoyable experience, but didn’t change the color of the water. Given their size however, I didn’t expect them to! If you’re looking for something that won’t change the water color or deposit dye or glitter onto your skin, these are a great smelling option that still made my skin feel soft!

The Eucalyptus and Spearmint Bath Fizzies had very similar results! While they didn’t change the color of the water or create dramatic effects, they foamed nicely and smelled so good. Just one fizzy did the job but popping two in really cranked things up!

I finally brought myself to use my Unicorn Donut fizzy but IT WAS SO HARD TO BECAUSE IT IS HONESTLY THE CUTEST THING EVER. If not for this review I probably would have just held onto it forever because it’s so precious. NO SHAME. It fizzled up nicely and like the other fizzies, made my skin super soft! But let’s be honest, you want this because more than anything it’s adorable. LOL!


Another surprise fav was the Shower Steamer in Energize. I set it at the bottom of my showerstall and waited. The warm water from my shower slowly ate away at the little cube, which released a gentle citrus fragrance into the air. It smelled amazing in my shower and it definitely perked me up!


Finally, I have to talk about the lip scrubs! I was all out of lip scrub so when these three scrubs arrived I was beyond ecstatic. The first one I had to try was the Mint Mojito! It smells of lime, salt, and mint! The smell and feel is amazing and it tastes super good too! It’s my favorite of the three!


My next fav is the Cherry Slush lip scrub. It honest to goodness tastes just like shaved ice with cherry syrup or like a cherry Icee!!! It gives me all kinds of childhood and summer vibes!

The final lip scrub is called Sugar Tarte and just like the other two, it is so tasty! It’s like a sweet, slightly fruity candy flavored scrub! This one is my 10 year old’s FAVORITE scrub of the three!


Overall, I am super in love with everything I got in my Fizz & Bubble goodie box! Big thanks to Fizz & Bubble for sending these babies out for me to review! You can find Fizz & Bubble products at Ulta or online at!

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