Self Care Sunday – Lawn Care

When we think of selfcare we so often focus on just the fun parts: bubble baths, Netflix marathons, cups of tea, and good books. But caring for yourself involves so much more than just being warm and cuddly. Sometimes taking care of yourself also means doing the things you need to do. In my new Self Care Sunday series, I’m going to share tips and ideas for you to show yourself care. Sometimes they will be warm, cuddly ideas and sometimes they will be difficult but necessary actions.

Today’s Self Care Sunday is all about lawn care! I know, you’re thinking, “What does my yard have to do with my self care??” But hang in there, cookie. It makes sense.

One of the best things you can do when you’re in need of feeling good about yourself is to accomplish some sort of task. When I feel overwhelmed with life and like I’m worthless, accomplishing even the smallest task fills me with pride. It gives my ego an organic boost, especially if it involves some sort of physical activity that also boosts my endorphins!

Enter, lawn care! When you’re mowing your lawn, or weeding your garden, or even watering or replanting flowers on your patio/porch, you’re doing a few really awesome things:

1. You’re getting fresh air!

2. You’re getting exercise!

3. You’re making your surroundings look nicer!

When you combine all three of these things into one activity, like lawn care, you yield awesome emotional results. So, for me, today’s self care involved mowing our massive front lawn. It was HOT and it took time (because HOT) but by the time I finished I looked out at my newly mown lawn and felt like a badass for getting out there and doing it myself.

So, get out there and do some lawn care! If you live in an apartment, consider investing in a few plants for your patio that you can trim and care for! Or consider picking up trash on the side of the road! Wherever you live, there are options for you to get out and make things better in your environment! And by caring for the world around you, you’re also caring for yourself. πŸ’œ

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