Review: Yes, Oh Yas!

As you probably already know, I’m a subscription service junkie! I love trying new products out and one of the best ways I’ve found to do this is through subscription services. These services broaden my horizons by delivering things that I usually wouldn’t think to buy myself intentionally. I have learned and grown so much because of them!

Well, a few months ago I cancelled my ipsy subscription. While I loved it for the year I had it, I got to the point where I tired of receiving so many samples and never really knowing what I’d be getting. I was drowning in samples and starting to pawn them off on friends. That’s never a good sign.

So, when the makeup subscription service, Yes, Oh Yas! reached out and asked if I’d be interested in being an affiliate I was definitely intrigued and wanted to know more.

April 2018

Yes, Oh Yes! functions like any other makeup subscription service, but with a few KEY differences:

1. Full sized products ONLY

2. You get to see what you’re getting BEFORE you pay

3. Everyone gets pretty much the same thing

All of these appealed to me, but especially number two: seeing what I’m getting. Yes, Oh Yas! starts showing you what you’ll be getting in your monthly package MONTHS before they actually send them out. So, for example, in April I could already see what I’d be getting in my June package and I could decide ahead of time if I wanted to receive it. How cool is that?? No more guessing and hoping for something cool when you hand your money over. You know EXACTLY what your money is going towards.

May 2018

The products Yes, Oh Yas! sends out are all from Indie beauty companies, which I adore. I love supporting these smaller businesses and seeing what they’re all about. I’m at the point where most of my favorite cosmetics companies are indie and that makes me feel really good about how I’m spending my money.

So, how much is Yes, Oh Yas? It’s just $14.99 + s/h. If that seems steep compared to other subscription services (like ipsy), I want you to remember that with Yes, Oh Yas! you get 4 – 7 full sized products and your total retail value of everything you get will be close to $100! For example, June’s package retail value was $97! If you’re still not convinced you should give Yes, Oh Yas! a try, I’ve got something else to sweeten the deal: right now you can use my code, CANUP, to get 10% off your monthly membership! Yay you!!

June 2018

I hope you’ll consider giving Yes, Oh Yas! a try! Every time I see someone post their packages from other subscription services I remain so grateful I am now a Yes, Oh Yas! member. Getting full sized products for a good price feels so dang good!

*I receive a discount for being a Yes, Oh Yes! member and sharing my experiences with this service with others.*

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