Self Care Sunday – Car Wash

When we think of self-care we so often focus on just the fun parts: bubble baths, Netflix marathons, cups of tea, and good books. But caring for yourself involves so much more than just being warm and cuddly. Sometimes taking care of yourself also means doing the things you need to do. In my new Self Care Sunday series, I’m going to share tips and ideas for you to show yourself care. Sometimes they will be warm, cuddly ideas and sometimes they will be difficult but necessary actions.

Following the theme of taking care of your surroundings as a form of self-care, today I’m talking about how amazing it feels to wash your car! Our vehicles exist to take us from point A to point B, but with the daily average commute increasing for most Americans, we’re spending more and more time in our cars. And the more time we spend in them, the messier they’re becoming because of their frequent use.

My vehicle stays messy unless I make a concerted effort to clean it out on a daily basis. When I get in and it’s clean and shiny and smells good, I fall in love with my car all over again. And that’s not because it’s the fanciest or nicest car out there, but because it’s mine and because I’ve worked hard to have it.

Any place where we’re spending a significant amount of time is going to have an impact on us. And if that space is cluttered or grungy or doesn’t smell super great, it will have a negative effect on our emotional wellbeing. So, if you’re like me and your car has gotten a bit unkempt recently, this Sunday I encourage you to take some time out to clean it.

I love going to a local car wash place to have my car cleaned because 1.) PRETTY COLORS, but also 2.) Super awesome vacuums and mat cleaners.

We found a membership to Mister Car Wash carwash services to be a good value. For $14.99 a month we can go unlimited times and after so many times a month, we get a free wash for one of our other cars.
The best part!

But, that’s not an inexpensive option, so it may not be for everyone. If you have a local place you can afford to take it through, then by all means do that. But, if you don’t fancy the idea of the expense, you can still get a great wash at home with just a bucket, a hose, and a tiny bit of soap.

If you have kids, make sure you’re involving them in the process. Give everyone an old rag, or tattered t-shirt, or sponge, and let them go to town. In my house we let my daughter do the wheels, my partner does the middle section, and I do the top. We love washing it together by hand because we’re spending time together AND making our car look shiny again.

Meguiar’s GoldClass Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner keeps my upholstery moisturized and clean. No cracking allowed!
We keep Clorox wipes in my car for easy clean up!

And the final result always makes us feel amazing. Having a clean car to slide into makes me proud of the work it takes to own our car and keep it nice. It may not seem like much, but it’s a nice reminder that your hard work does pay off. And that’s a great boost to the ego.

Until next time.

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