Self Care Sunday: Pumpkin Carving!

Hello, friends. It’s been a while (a few months actually) since I did a Self Care Sunday and I missed it. So, it’s time to get back on schedule and tell you how I’m taking care of myself today!

And given that today is October 28th and Halloween is just a few days away, what better way to treat myself than to carve up some gorgeous punkins! Yesterday we visited one of my favorite farms to pick out our perfect carving pumpkins and we definitely snagged the right ones for us!

We swung by Walmart last night for our carving tools and found the best sets! These came with a lot of little tools for detail work, plus booklets with carving ideas and templates! I love these sets because the tools aren’t too big for little hands and the price for these sets isn’t bad either.

After cutting open a few paper bags and spreading them across the table, we got to work! We always start by cutting open the tops and then scraping out the seeds and pulp. We then dump them straight onto the center of the table in a big pile! This pile this goes right into our compost heap! (Pumpkin is GREAT for composting!) This year I’m also drying a few for using later!

To really set the mood I ran my Halloween playlist! I started working on it last year and add new spooky songs every year! You can click here to check out my playlist and use it yourself!

The final touch to make our pumpkin carving day complete is baking some cinnamon rolls and lighting fall themed candles! The whole house smells warm and like fall AND it helps cover the smell of the pumpkin guts. *shudder* I also picked up this Yankee Candle Co candle called Crisp Fall Night and it smells AMAZING.

It took us all about an hour and a half to carve our pumpkins and we loved them! My kiddo went with a classic Jack-O-Lantern face, I did a tube of lipstick, and my partner did the Izzet emblem from Magic The Gathering. We do pumpkins EVERY year because we love spending time together and doing something creative!

Here are a few photos of pumpkins past! We’ve had some real doozies! (My partner’s always look the best!)

Are you carving pumpkins this Halloween??

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