My Favorite Fall Outfits 2018

I love fall, y’all. For all the same reasons as everyone else. But, also because I live in Alabama and IT STAYS SO HOT HERE UNTIL LIKE OCTOBER. And then October arrives and suddenly the temps start to drop and we’re hitting highs in the low 60’s and it’s amazing.

As you guys know, I wear only black, (sometimes florals ON black). But, all the black. And it is HOT most of the time. So when it finally cools off down here, I AM IN MY ELEMENT.

Here are some of my favorite outfits this fall so my fellow big girls can get a little outfit inspo!

This was a 3X Victoria Beckham for Target dress that I immediately HAD TO HAVE. Paired with black tights and black boots.
This is an Ava & Viv skirt from last year, with a plain, black tank, and a gorgeous faux leather jacket from Torrid.
This Torrid dress is two pieces: a black slip and a see-through black shirt dress. Paired with black tights and boots.
I adore this textured skater dress from Torrid. Once again, black tights and boots!
I love the cut of this Torrid dress!! The sleeves are amazing and the detail around the neck make me so happy. Still boots but no tights this time!
This outfit is sooooo comfy. I grabbed this super flowy cardigan from the Ava & Viv line from Target and put it over this Torrid tank, some basic leggings, these knee length wool socks from Torrid (pushed down), and my fav boots from Torrid!

I love wearing these and mixing and matching between them! Especially with this warm Southern weather, I love outfits like this that can be easily layered!

What are your favorite fall outfit must-haves??

For more looks, check out my plus size outfit inspo board on Pinterest!

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