Happy Halloween!!

It has been such a fascinating month here at my house. There are a lot of changes I’ve been in the process of making and scheming for and with my decision to leave Instagram I feel such a renewed sense of adventure and hope.

That it is all occurring so close to Samhain and during a Venus retrograde is not lost on me! Life sure is funny sometimes.

My dear friends, there are changes coming. Hopefully by the end of November I can announce those changes and show them to you. I am very excited because these are things that matter a great deal to me and to my identity. And you will understand later why all of this ties back into my need to walk away from Instagram. I promise it will all make sense.

For now, here is my front porch! One day we hope to have a full front porch we can decorate and make extra spooky, but for now our friendly skeleton welcomes children! And I’m okay with that!

I loved our pumpkins this year! You can read about us carving them up here if you like! My partner, J, made the Izzet symbol from Magic The Gathering, my kiddo made a classic Jack-O-Lantern, and I decided to do a sharp, bloody lipstick tube! Ha!

We do pumpkin carving together EVERY. YEAR. because we love being creative and it is such a fun thing for us to sit down and do as a family for a few hours.

And coming back around, that’s another reason I feel so strongly about these changes. A lot of them are for and because of my family. I am who I am because of them and I started deciding to make these changes in part for their benefit as well.

So, it’s time. It’s time to ride out the rest of this retrograde, time to allow these changes to carry me through, and time to move forward.

Happy Halloween and blessed Samhain, my friends. I love you dearly.

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