We Needed The Rain

A deep, longing rain washed over the valley today. It pushed leaves from trees and swept them down sidewalks in little rushing rivers that eventually led to gutters, no doubt hiding nothing more than debris and Halloween candy wrappers.

It’s a heavy rain. There is no wind, no thunder, just the constant trickling down my window panes and the tip-tapping against a pot in my kitchen where we have discovered a leak.



I am a soul in transition.



I am a spirit elevated but exhausted.

Last night I sat on my porch, waiting for trick-or-treaters who never came, drinking away frustrations and sorrows, and lifting prayers and hushed pleas for loved ones who are hurting so much more than I am at this time. Many of these loved ones have carried me through my darkest days. And now, I wrap arms around theirs and lift them, and hold them, and we march ever forward.

But, sometimes I need the rain. I need the cleansing waters to drown the noise in my heart and in my brain. And today, the earth delivered that sacred washing. I stood out in it, salty tears and rain drops running down my cheeks, arms open, wishing I too could be swept away in little rivers down the sidewalk.



You will survive this season, my dear friends.



You and I will be okay.

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