Venus In Retrograde

Have you been feeling a bit off recently? Maybe you and your spouse are fighting a lot, or your friendships are on the rocks, or you just generally feel like everything in your life is going just a bit sideways?

My dear friend, you are not alone.

For Venus, who rules love and relationships, is currently in retrograde, meaning while it is not actually so, it appears and it feels as though Venus is moving “backwards” in the night sky, instead of forwards. Retrogrades like this happen all the time. As the planets move around us, from time to time some pass each other or are in positions around us that appear slightly more off than usual. (They’re not, and because of science we know why, but I’ll get to that in a bit.)

Picture a turning blinker on the car in front of you. Your blinker speed and their blinker speed are different, but every so often they almost sync up and there’s this weird sort of euphoria we experience when they do. Retrograde is like that, except the opposite. Most of the time everything in the sky is moving exactly as we’re used to seeing it and feeling it move, but occasionally things will just be a tiny bit off. And that tiny bit can end up feeling like a LOT.

Many believe these little “out of sync” experiences have profound effects on us, depending on which planet is “off”. And ever since October 5th, Venus has been in retrograde and will be until November 16th when the planet finally “syncs” back up again.

(For a science and fact based article about retrogrades, specifically the infamous Mercury Retrograde, this article by Mental Floss sums it up pretty well.)

Because Venus rules love and relationships, many of us may find ourselves dealing with complications in our marriages, our friend groups, or even our work environments. Anything that involves our emotions and intimacy is being thrown out of wack, especially during October.

Thankfully, on October 31st things started to calm down. If you were feeling uncomfortable or upset in your relationships, after October 31st you may find yourself feeling much more relaxed and at peace with the difficult conversations you might have had and the tough decisions you might have made.

The thing is this: Venus Retrograde didn’t *make* you end your relationship or cut off a person or have a big blow up with your partner, but according to astrologers and the superstitious it did help put communication issues under the microscope and possibly give you the extra push you needed to address those issues. And all of this pushing and pulling and discussing and arguing will likely leave you feel utterly exhausted and generally unwell.

This is normal. Give yourself some grace. And allow the last portion of Venus Retrograde to guide you into deeper intimacy and stronger communication with those whom you’re close to, OR deeper intimacy and understanding of your own romantic and emotional needs. Retrogrades have the ability to teach us a lot about ourselves, if we’re willing to receive the lesson. And if you feel like something has been gnawing at you all month, it’s probably a lesson Venus Retrograde has the ability to teach you.

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