“thank you, next”: a self-love anthem

A few days ago Ariana Grande released a powerful song that I honestly did not expect from such a young pop star. This anthem for self love and rising above the damage we women often receive from our relationships shook me to my core and brought about similar reactions from others. Within the first 6 hours of its audio being released on YouTube it already had 1.1 million views. An impact was made and a message delivered.

There is a very real and tangible soul change that happens when you learn to see your past relationships as things you can be grateful for because of what they taught you. And in Ariana’s song we are hearing a young woman evolving and going through that change. And it is something special.

It got me thinking about how grateful I am for my exes and the things they taught me. There were so many painful things I had to go through because of those experiences but the lessons I took with me because of them changed my life for the better and helped me find my truth and my true self.

So, here are my thank you’s:

Thank you, Kyle, for teaching me I deserve in return the same energy and love that I put in.

Thank you, Jared, for showing me what happens when dishonesty and distrust rule a relationship.

Thank you, Jeremy, for teaching me not to settle for less and not to let any man tell me what I’m worth.

Thank you, Corey, for teaching me the importance of creating boundaries and sticking to them.

Thank you, Michael, for teaching me that people make mistakes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they deserve second and third chances.

Thank you, Jason, for teaching me to trust my gut and believe in myself.

Thank you so much.

Thank you…next.

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