Review: Fun Fall Must Haves From Hard Candy

A few weeks ago I was at Walmart and happened upon some beautiful Hard Candy products that I had to have: the Hard Candy Glitteratzi Gel Glitter Palette in Electric Sunset ($6.00) and the 3-In-1 Powder Highlighter Trio in 24 Karat Gold ($6.00)!

The glitter palette has 6 shades of glitter and each one is equally gorgeous. Below I’ve swatched them dry, but adding a layer of glitter primer to your eyelids FIRST will create an even more dramatic and pigmented effect!

These glitters are perfect for adding extra glam to your fall look. I like dabbing just a bit to the center of my eye for a subtle halo that makes my eyes sparkle!

Or, you can do as I did for this Halloween inspired look and create dramatic glitter tears using this palette!

The highlighter trio is equally gorgeous and brings all the fall feels I am still craving through the rest of November. You can apply each highlighter individually for specific highlighter color looks, or sweep your brush across all three shades for a perfect, glowy blend of the three.

I’ve been using this highlighter a lot these last few weeks because it delivers such a warm glow to all my looks and the formula feels very soft!

I adore these affordable drugstore products that will kick your makeup looks up a notch! Thanksgiving and football season is upon us so swing by Walmart and hunt down these two products! Be daring for the month of November before Christmas takes completely over!

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