There Will Be Days Like This

Yesterday was a rough day for marginalized folks in Alabama. While Democrats gave Republicans a run for their money here, which does give me some hope, Republicans still won everything overall and passed four amendments that are incredibly harmful for many Alabamians.

It’s hard waking up to that fog the day after an election. Being a blue dot in a Red State, you get used to disappointment, even when you have little victories, like the election of Doug Jones. But, overall these elections just feel like yet another setback.

Speaking with a friend late last night she told me she knew a community class she leads that is filled with other blue dots will be difficult to face over the coming days. A lot of sadness. And I feel that. We belong to little groups here and there where we’re the only Liberals in the group and I know seeing them over the next few weeks will be hard. They will be rejoicing while we are mourning.

There will be days like this. And sometimes there will be years like this. We are at a place in our country where prejudice and privilege have run amuck. And the reality is that they always have. But, I know many of us thought perhaps we were, as a country, moving forward. And seeing results like the ones we got in places like Florida, Texas, Georgia, and here in Alabama feel like such a blow.

But, we don’t give up. We don’t let them win. They may have won these midterm battles, but ultimately I believe that equality, love, compassion, and grace will win the war.

So, yes, there will be days like this. And then we will continue the fight anyways. Because it is a cause worth fighting for.

Don’t give up on us. We won’t give up on you.

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