A few weeks ago I looked back through my Pinterest boards and found myself feeling very nostalgic. There were a few boards I shared with my late mother before she passed. Boards with baby shower inspo for a baby that died before being born. And boards filled with my past creative business endeavors.

The seamstress making pillowcase dresses, little pouches and purses, charming animal shaped pillows. That was a fun time in my life.

The artist sketching and painting nudes and other pretty things, who set up a RedBubble shop (and still earns a few dollars a month in sales, surprisingly), even though she hasn’t posted new art in over a year.

And the Etsy shop owner who painted cute little ceramics and never managed to sell everything she made so she ended up donating most of her inventory after allowing it to clutter up her dining room for two years.

My creativity has been a wild little rabbit, skirting through life, always a few steps ahead of me. I have chased it with wreckless abandon, always believing that eventually I would grab it by the ears and hold it up high, having conquered it and trained it into being obedient.

Alas, I am not there yet. I have not yet wrapped my fingers around those soft, fluffy ears, but I follow it all the same. I follow the white rabbit of passion and creativity through this life and hopefully, one day, I will catch up with it.

Until then, I chase.

Photos take of Amanda Parer’s art exhibition, “Intrude” when it visited Huntsville, Alabama in October 2018.

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