How I Make Money Online With

I’m not here to sell you a scam or a pyramid scheme. I don’t do those. Because, ya know, scams. Instead I’m here to tell you about the actual websites and services I use to earn money from posting.

Now, I don’t make money with EVERY post I create here on my blog or on Instagram, but a few have been because of this service: DealSpotr. With my membership on DealSpotr I get to apply directly for campaigns and opportunities and make REAL money.

Dealspotr is a coupon gathering website. I actually legitimately use it when I’m shopping online for something specific. They have everything divided up into sections, or you can search specifically for a brand, and then compare codes and deals. Then you just go straight to the site (or print them out for use in-store) and voila! Money has been saved.

Dealspotr has an Influencer program and it allows bloggers or Instagram accounts of a certain size to access campaigns created by brands. These campaigns pay out real money, depending on your account size, in exchange for your creating content talking about those brands and what they do.

The other side of Dealspotr is hunting down and adding “deals” to their website. By creating and adding coupon codes you find online to the Dealspotr site, you gain points. Every 10,000 points is $10. I saved mine up to over 50,000 points and have just redeemed them for $50 going straight into my PayPal.

Currently, I have an Influencer score of 5. It used to be 20, but I recently changed all my usernames and DealSpotr needs time to validate and verify these changes before adjusting my score again. With an Influencer score of 20, I made about $50 per sponsored post. And the higher my score, the more money I stand to make.

This is one of the ways I find brands to work with and make money. I use a few other sites as well, but Dealspotr is easily my favorite. And it’s free. There is no membership fee BUT you do help yourself out on DealSpotr by sharing deals and coupon codes. So, I do both: I share codes, earn points, and apply for campaigns. I do this a few times a week. It only takes about 30 minutes for me to sit down and do this and it’s worth the hustle.

So, that said, if you decide to join DealSpotr because of reading my post, I’d be honored if you’d use my referral code, TAMARAMOONGRAVES. This code gives YOU an extra 1,000 points, which will help you on your way to making money! So, if you choose to sign-up after hearing about DealSpotr, using my code (or any of the links I’ve shared) will help me and you both out!

Good luck to everyone who decides to try DealSpotr out! I’ve been a member for almost a year and I have thoroughly enjoyed how easy it is to make money and create content!

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