Review: Pixi By Petra Rose Tonic & Glow Tonic

A few weeks ago I was surprised by this gorgeous little collection of toners from Pixi By Petra!! The pouch included several Rose Tonics and Glow Tonics so you know your girl had to get to WORK!

I never used toner until about two years ago because I did not fully appreciate what they could do for my naturally dry skin. The right toner can help me exfoliate away dead skin (Glow Toner is the one for this job!) while the Rose Tonic toner adds extra nourishment and balances out my ph levels!

I use these every day, switching them out. One day I exfoliate, the next I focus on moisture. There is a noticeable difference in my skin health. These feel and smell amazing and my dry skin is already thanking me for using them.

Check out multi-toning with these two winners from Pixi By Petra! I am so grateful they sent these out to me!!

To use:

  1. Cleanse face as you normally would
  2. Apply toner to cotton swab
  3. Gently dab cotton swab with toner all over face and neck, avoiding eyes and mouth
  4. Apply serum or moisturizer

And that’s it! I hope you’ll give these a try asap!

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