You Will Find Your Path

I’ve been listening these last few weeks. Ear to the ground, hand on my heart, taking deep, slow breaths, and barely making a sound. I could hear the gentle thumping of a change coming. And as much as I was afraid I wasn’t ready for it, it came anyways, sweeping through my life and pulling the things I no longer needed away from me.

And when this negativity washed away from me, it left my old path muddied and no longer passable. Suddenly the way I planned on living, existing, and thriving was gone. Everything was different. Everything would continue to be different. And as lightened as my burden was, I was afraid.

But, the path was there. I just had to look for it. Seek and ye shall find. So I sought. And I found. And now I have feet grounded to this new path, left foot and right foot, pushing myself ever forward toward some new, bright future.

You will find your path, just as I am finding mine. You feel lost. You feel afraid. I know this. I know it so well. But, you will find it. I know you will. Allow the winds of change to fill your lungs with new air and new possibilities. Release the negative things holding you back. Seek. And find. And follow your path.

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