*CLOSED* Enter My Holiday 2018 #Giveaway!

*WINNER CHOSEN, GIVEAWAY CLOSED* Guys! It’s that time of year again!! Once again I’ve put together a giveaway for you all and filled it with products I love from brands I believe in! I can not wait to give somebody this awesome collection of items so without further ado, let’s go!

First I’m hitting you guys with the Hempz Limited Edition Cinnamon Sugar & Vanilla Butter Creme Herbal Body Moisturizer!! Talk about YUM!!

Next up I’m giving you a set of Pacifica masks!! These masks will help you spoil your face and keep it moisturized and glowing this holiday season!

To keep the skincare vibes rollin’, I’m droppin’ Pixi By Petra’s Rose Tonic and Glow Tonic toners! We will be exfoliated and nourished this winter!!

No self-care routine is complete without some bath fizzies! Fizz & Bubble released this adorable bath fizzy set just for the holidays and I knew y’all NEEDED some of these!

Beauty Bakerie is one of the best indie brands out there, so I’m giving y’all TWO of their products!! You’re gonna get their Cake Pot Lippie in Forever Yum and their Lip Whip Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bowl Of Cherries!

And since we know you’ve got parties and get-togethers to do to the rest of the year, I’m giving you the Zulu Palette from Juvia’s Place! We are LIVING in color in 2019!

And there you have it!! So, now comes the juicy details: how to enter!!


1. Follow this blog either through your WordPress account or through your email! Links to both are at the top right side of this page!

2. Comment down below and tell me your FAVORITE holiday memory from childhood! Any holiday!!

And that’s it!!


You can get extra entries by:

1. Following me on IG here and tagging one friend on this postwhom you think would like this giveaway too! (One extra entry per friend tagged! So tag as many as you like! All your entries will be counted!)

2. Liking me on FB and tagging a friend in this post as well! (Again, each tagged friend is an entry so tag as many as you like! All tags/entries will count as extras!)

And that really is it! However many times you choose to enter is totally up to you!!

I will select the giveaway winner and announce the winner on the morning of December 3rd, 2018 so that I have time to send this out and get it into your hands by Christmas!!

I love you all so much and I can’t wait to send this package of love out to one of you!! Happy Holidays and good luck!!

31 thoughts on “*CLOSED* Enter My Holiday 2018 #Giveaway!

  1. My mom was a single mom up until I was about eleven and on Christmas Eve every year she’d get us all Christmas pjs and we’d have hot cocoa and stay up watching Christmas movies until we passed out. It was one of my favorite times because since she was a single mom she worked crazy hours and we would almost never (sometimes weekends if we were lucky) have nights with her. So holidays, Christmas in particular, meant we’d have her all night. ❤

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  2. My favorite holiday memory was of my Grammy. One year on Christmas Eve she grabbed a box from under the tree and we didn’t know who it was from. She said it was from herself. She opened it up and it was a pair of fluffy dog slippers. Our dog liked them a lot too. But she was so cute. Like a little girl. Like how I feel as an adult still doing kiddie like things. She wrapped them so she could open them with everyone else. Silly but cute.

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  3. My favorite holiday memory from when I was a child, was when I got to reunite with my grandparents on Christmas Eve and we’re able to eat Christmas cookies on the couch while watching “Home alone” with them😪❤️

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  4. My favorite memory from childhood was getting this big set of Polly Pocket that I had been wanting for sooo long! Mom and dad made a scavenger hunt out of it and i had to read the clues to find it! It was sooo much fun!

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  5. My favorite Christmas memory from childhood is going to NYC and going ice skating, my mom’s side of the family is from there and we’d go every year. The city was so magical during Christmas time! 💕💕

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  6. My favorite Christmas memory I remember in my childhood is going to Mexico to visit my family from part of my mom and taking some gifts since over there it’s really poor they can afford the stuff like us here in United States like giving back to people that really need it. Thank you for the opportunity following Instagram @jennychilo Facebook Yesenia Aguilar 😍🥰🎄😊

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  7. im not sure i have a -favorite- memory tbh? I think maybe it could be when it finally snowed and we had a white christmas but it was so so long ago and i hardly remember it. other than that maybe the year i was able to get my mom an instax mini with all the little extras despite not having a job! I know gifts dont make the holiday but to me when i give gifts it represents love and i LOVE my people and i love to see them open something they like?

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  8. Hi Tamara!
    My favorite holiday memory as a child isn’t necessarily from one particular time. I’m originally from Michigan, so we always had a white Christmas. The week of Christmas, sometimes the day of, my mom and I would drive around and look at different Christmas lights. We’d get food if it wasn’t Christmas Day and just eat in the car and drive slowly through neighborhoods. To this day, my favorite part of Christmas is the aesthetic quality of it — the twinkling lights, snow, the whimsy. I live once Florida now, and obviously it’s not quite as magical given we don’t get snow, but it’s one of my favorite memories as a child in general.
    Xo – Derek

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  9. my favorite holiday memory from my childhood was always christmas i stayed with my grandmother and the whole family came home from everywhere during christmas , they would cook great big meals and stay for like a week they would be gifts everywhere, i remember the adults would dance and play cards and listen to christmas music and just have a wonderful time all together the whole time , there would be decorations everywhere and us kids would play and eat and watch t.v sometimes but mostly we would just watch the adults have a great time i loved it my grandmother passed away in 95 and everyone stopped coming i tried to keep it going with my siblings and mother n their kids but over the past few yrs it has declined anyway thats my favorite .


  10. My favorite holiday memory was the year my sister and I bought my mom a kitchen aid mixer that she’d been dying for. My mom supported us my herself my whole growing up and would stress about affording enough for us for Christmas. So when my sister and I could afford to give back to her, it was magical. She cried and then proceeded to make everyone waffles.

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  11. My favorite holiday memory is getting a bug box from my grandma every valentines day and it wokld be full of candy and presents that we would get. As we got older it kept getting smaller but we still got a box of chocolates every valentines without fail.

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  12. my favorite holiday memory is when I was younger and driving through all of the Christmas lights with my parents. The holidays are my absolute favorite time of year, my family gets together twice a year for Thanksgiving and Christmas so it makes things even more special. My family is the most important aspect in my life! Following on instagram @chronicallybadassbeauty and tagged some friends, as well as liked on facebook and tagged some friends as well!

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    1. My favorite holiday memory as a child is watching the Polar Express on Christmas Eve with my family. We would drink hot chocolate and bake cookies. We always opened one gift on Christmas Eve and it would be new Christmas P.J’s❤️

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  13. My favorite memory from Christmas was just the whole day itself. Our whole family got together and it was the one day a year that my brother and I were treated like equals to our cousins. It still feels like the one day a year I don’t feel any anxiety or depression. My children have a very different view of Christmas and it makes me happy to start new traditions with them.

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  14. My favorite holiday memory is going to the drive through light set up every year with my mom until I was 10. It was always so much fun and we got hot chocolate every time.

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  15. My favourite memory holiday were last New Year holidays, at 30th december was my birthday and 31th New Year ,i celebrated it out with with my friends ,and had lots of fun😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  16. I think one of my favorite childhood memories with right after my parents divorced. I was scared because I knew it was the first Christmas where I would spend the holiday with them separately and I didn’t know what to expect. I really wanted the American girl doll, Samantha, and I knew I wouldn’t get it because my mom didn’t have a lot of money. I remember I was so excited to unwrap that doll from under that tree. Later that day I went to my fathers house and he also gave me toys for the doll. My parents had coordinated presents even though they had just gone through this messy divorce. Even though it’s sulky, as a second grader that made me realize I was truly loved.

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  17. Now i remember one more childhood memory .We (me and my cousins 2 girls and one boy)went near of our hood, at the forest down there, we went for gathering flowers for our teacher, while we found a fox home ,,it was an amazing view,,little foxes crying for their mom,,then we saw the fox mom coming,she feed her children and then sleept all day. We had a lot of fun because in the area where i live are 85 lakes. It is an amazing view…Hapoy for my childhood😊😊😊😊

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  18. As a child, my favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. I loved how we would sit around my aunt’s huge table after dinner and talk, play games, and laugh. I miss that togetherness–I remember looking forward to it every year.

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