Review: IBY Beauty

I’ve purchased two IBY Beauty eyeshadow palettes to date and it occurred to me recently that I a.) love these palettes, and b.) have never reviewed them! Considering they’ve become two of my most used palettes, I figured it was time I do a full review for you guys!

First, I love the color stories that IBY creates with their palettes. The Desert Vibes palette is filled with warm tones, a blend of mattes and shimmers, with a perfect cool tone for gorgeous sunset inspired looks. If you’re looking for creamy, blendable warm colors, this palette delivers.

The City Limits palette also has an awesome color story, again creating a balanced palette that features shimmers and mattes, plus a range of colors that you might see looking out into the city at dusk. So, you can expect purples, greens, pinks, some browns, and the prettiest matte blue in the world.

At $20 per palette, these are a great deal. You’re getting 12 shadows in each palette, a full mirror, and the quality is on par with (and in some cases superior to) many of the more “high end” palettes I’ve owned. I highly recommend IBY Beauty and these palettes!

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