The 10 BEST (and AFFORDABLE) Beauty Gifts For Beauty Beginners – Holiday 2018

Every few months I have the great privilege of gifting friends and family members with makeup and tips for using it! It’s one of my favorite things so I wanted to share this holiday gift guide with all of you so you can spoil your favorite beauty beginner with awesome products to start them on their makeup and beauty journey!

1. Pixi BeautyBook Of Beauty “Minimal Makeup”– $24

This face palette is perfect for beginners! With two blush colors, two highlighters, and four natural eyeshadow shades, this little book is ideal for the beginner who needs just the basics! And all in one palette!!

2. Eco ToolsStart The Day Beautifully Kit – $12.99

This set of five brushes is absolutely perfect for beginners. There are brushes for blush and bronzer, and brushes for eyes. If your loved one is new to makeup and doesn’t have any brushes yet, this kit will help them get started!

3. NYX CosmeticsPlush Gel Lipstick Set – $15

This set of three nude lipsticks is super easy to apply and awesome for beginners because they can practice application techniques before branching out to more vibrant colors! Plus, this formula is very user friendly!

4. Wet n WildColor Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette – $4.99

This shadow palette comes in three different styles/color stories and they’re perfect for branching out into more shadow colors, while still staying in a more natural range. This one shown is called “Comfort” and is my personal favorite of the three options!

5. Not Your Mother’sClean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo – $7

Adding a good dry shampoo to your arsenal of products is a game-changer. Dry shampoo helps clean up greasy roots between washes and adds extra volume. Just a quick spray is all you need!

6. L’orΓ©alPure Clay Mask Tripod Kit – $9.99

These three masks each have a specific job to do and are a great introduction to multi-masking! Each one teaches your beginner how to care for their skin and how each zone requires different products!

7. evaβ€’nycMane Magic 10-in-1 Primer – $12

This primer is everything you need to prep your hair style! It provides heat protection, helps with detangling, and seals in your styles with healthy oils that will make your hair extra shiny!

8. L.A. Girl HD Pro Conceal – $5

This surprise “holy grail” product is seriously amazing. With a super wide shade range and surprisingly awesome formula, it’s a must have for beginners learning about concealing and correcting.

9. e.l.f. Jet Set Hydration Kit – $15

This kit from e.l.f. comes with everything your beauty beginner needs to start exploring the world of moisturizers and creams! It’s affordable and offers excellent products to help your loved ones keep their skin hydrated!

10. MaybellineFIT ME Matte + Poreless Foundation – $7.99

This foundation blew up the internet last year and we still haven’t recovered. It is just a truly awesome formula and with 40 shades, your beauty beginner is bound to find something that fits them perfectly! (Pun intended!)

And there you have it! Ten awesome and affordable products you can spoil your beauty beginner with this holiday season! Lemme know in the comments if there are any you would add to the list! Do you have any favorites I missed??

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