Review: Revolution Beauty’s Fast Base Stick Foundation & Conceal And Define Full Coverage Concealer

During the winter months my skin is exceptionally dry and pale, so I need cream products that won’t dry me out further, but still provide coverage. I have found so much success with Revolution Beauty’s Fast Base Stick Foundation and Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer that I had to tell you guys about them.

First off, let’s start with the Fast Base Stick Foundation. Some reviewers have complained about greasiness but I didn’t experience this. Perhaps this is because I have dry skin? I have found this foundation covers well, dries down matte, but doesn’t dry my skin out as a lot of foundations (especially matte foundations) tend to due during dry seasons.

I wear the shade F2, which is one of the lightest shades they offer. I picked mine up at my local brick-and-mortar Ulta store so I could swatch it in person to find what worked for me. I recommend doing this as well, if you live close to a store that carries Revolution products. And with a price tag of just $9, this stick foundation is well worth the price.

The Conceal & Define Full Coverage concealer I use is one of THE BEST concealers I have ever put my hands on (which is why I sprang for the SuperSize edition which you can only get online). The coverage is phenomenal. I have extremely dark circles and this concealer makes them disappear. Like the foundation, the formula for the concealer doesn’t dry me out, while it does still eventually dry down into a matte. I use C1, their second to lightest shade in this range and each tube of the regular sized concealer is $7. Trust me when I tell you that it is well worth $7. (The Super Size I use I purchased on for $10.)

Overall I absolutely recommend both of these products. They’re affordable, easy to use and apply, they have a decent shade range, and they promise coverage that they actually deliver upon.

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