Review: Pixi By Petra’s MatteLast Liquid Lip

A few weeks ago I was so surprised by the appearance of the entire MatteLast Liquid Lip collection from Pixi By Petra! Pixi By Petea was kind enough to send them to me for reviewing and I was blown away!

This gorgeous PR included 11 of Pixi Beauty’s MatteLast Liquid Lip line, including 5 brand new shades!

Not only did I receive the full MatteLast Liquid Lip line, but they also sent four pots of lipstick in yellow, white, brown, and red so I can create my own custom shade and send it in for a chance to have my shade created as part of a new line! I created the video below for Instagram but you can watch it here as well!

I have to say I am in love with the MatteLast formula and these have quickly become my favorite liquid lipsticks. The wand is pointed and perfect for application, the lipstick goes on very smooth and clean, and it stays for hours, even with eating and drinking!

If you’re looking for a big punch of color with staying power, I give Pixi’s MatteLast line a 10/10!! These really are excellent lippies and well worth the $14 pricetag!!

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