Keep Walking

We carry our own loads in life. Some of our loads have been made lighter by situations beyond our control and some have been made heavier because of them. Privilege occurs on many different levels and nearly everyone experiences some form of it. And as history has repeatedly shown us, being born male, white, cis, straight, and wealthy allows one to carry a very, very light load throughout their days. This isn’t to say these men have never struggled or felt despair or hopelessness, but the load is lighter. It just is.

My load as a cis, white woman is lighter than most. But it is heavier than that of a thin, straight, cis, white woman. There are levels, there are layers, and there are different loads we all must carry.

My load recently feels very heavy. The near constant reminder that I am not allowed to feel love for myself because of my size adds to the weight on my shoulders. The added strain of being bisexual and loving people who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community while living under our current regime is terrifying and exhausting. Over the last year and a half especially my load feels so heavy because in the midst of these facets of my identity that are so hated by so many, I still have to exist as a normal person, raising a child, emotionally supporting my partner, trying to support my other loved ones, including friends and family.

My load feels so heavy right now.

But, I keep on walking.

Every morning I get out of bed, I lace up my boots, and I just keep walking, regardless of how heavy the load is and how tired I am.

If your load feels too heavy right now, I hope you know I believe in you and I know you possess the inner strength to keep walking. I hope you know you don’t have to carry that load all by yourself and I hope I can make you feel safe enough to share some of that load with me.

Together we will lace up our boots and we will keep walking. And hopefully, one day, the loads will feel just a little lighter.

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