Reviw: Pixi By Petra Glow Cakes

A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Pixi by Petra’s PixiGlow Glow Cakes!! These large, single pans feature three transitional shades, designed to help you create perfectly rosey and glowy cheeks and their arrival right before the holidays is perfection!!

The PR box Pixi sent out came with both the GildedBare and PinkChampagne Glow Cakes, PLUS a beautiful selfie light inscribed with Pixi’s famous color scheme and recognizable logo! What a treat it was to open this!!

I got busy snapping away almost immediately because I HAD to capture the Glow Cakes as they arrived before digging in because I knew once I started playing with them I would not be able to stop!!

PixiGlow PinkChampagne Cake
PixiGlow GilderBare Cake

Another little surprise was the included selfie light! I have loved using it to brighten up photos I’m taking AND add extra lighting to my selfies! Definitely an unexpected perk of getting PR from Pixi By Petra!!

The selfie light is going to come in SO handy for quick flatlays and for selfies on the go!

After watching I HAD to create some looks using these cakes!! The colors are so flattering on my skin tone and went on smoothly! I am in love!!

Overall I adore these little cakes from Pixi By Petra and I am so honored they sent them out to me!! Right now you can get these brand new Glow Cakes for just $28!! That seems steep but it is three products in one: bronzer, blush, and highlight!! Well worth the price and so stinking cute!!

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