2018 Wrap-Up: Favorite Apps

For me 2018 was a great year for discovering and using different apps to help me accomplish my goals or lead a more enriched life. For most of us these days, our phones hold us together because we rely so much on the information stored in them, how we connect to others with them, and the tasks we can accomplish because of them. As a “nano-influencer” and blogger, this is especially true for me. Most of what I do is built around my phone so having apps that make my life easier or more streamlined is important.

Today I’m sharing five apps I have loved using in 2018 and I highly recommend!

1. Calm App

The Calm App is a great introduction to meditation, something I began doing in 2018. The easy-to-follow guides, gentle soundscapes, and pleasant UI make this app a must-have for me. While this isn’t related to my work as an influencer, it does help me to remember to take time out to breathe and recenter, which ends up helping me be a better creator.

2. Quik

The Quik app is a GoPro app that allows you to make quick (pun intended) videos of any length, with built-in transitions, effects, music, font choices, and editing tools like Trim, Split, Filters, ect. You can allow Quik to automatically select highlights of your video, or you can dive in to make custom highlights and points of interest. Or you can go even more custom and create basic videos ready for YouTube. This app can do almost everything and that it comes from GoPro and it’s free makes it even more appealing. When you see videos on my IG, they’ve all been made with the Quik app. (You can see an example on my Instagram here!)

3. Plann App

The Plann App is a scheduler app that allows you to plan your entire Instagram feed out ahead of time. The app gives you color theme ideas, tips for engagement, analytics, and inspiration pulled right from the community based on people you already follow or who have a similar following to you. I’ve been able to go from having a sort of haphazard theme to something much more coordinated because of Plann and I love the results because of it.

4. ToolWiz Photos

I’ve been using ToolWiz since 2016, so this isn’t a new discovery sort of app for me, but it is still my go-to photo editing app and seeing as I use it every single day, it had to make the list. Pretty much anything I need or want to do with my photos, I can do using ToolWiz. Every editing tool you can imagine is included in ToolWiz, the UI is easy to use and work with, so regardless of how deep you want to get into your photo editing, there are options for you. If you want to go really pro to adjust details like your levels and so on, you can do that. If you’re just looking for quicky editing and filters, you’ve got those options too (and speaking of, there are hundreds of built-in filters.) I love this app and definitely recommend it.

5. CrowdFire

CrowdFire is one of those apps you don’t realize you need until you’ve used it and then you can’t imagine life before it. I’ve had the honor of working with CrowdFire in the past and you can read a more in-depth review here, but for now I’ll give you a brief synopsis. CrowdFire is an app that brings you news, articles, images, and even your own content into one app so you can schedule it to be posted to your various social medias to beef up your engagement. That’s the gist of it. If you want to keep your followers engaged and feeling like you’re bringing them new and interesting content regularly, CrowdFire is here for you. I use it almost every day and my engagement on Facebook and Twitter especially has blossomed.

And there you have it! Five awesome apps I’ve loved using in 2018 and will continue using in 2019! If you found this list useful, please drop a Like on this post or consider sharing it so others can check these apps out too!!

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