Best PR of 2018: Pixi By Petra! (@pixibeauty)

This year Pixi Beauty really showed up for me, showering me with surprise goodies that keep my lips poppin’, my skin glowing, and my cheeks rosey! I’ve never done a Best PR post before but this year I got a lot of awesome goodies from brands so I decided that this year going forward I’m going to dedicate an entire post to a brand that showed me a ton of love and REALLY stepped up their game to make their customers feel appreciated!

I gotta start with that awesome MatteLast Liquid Lip collection!! Finding their entire MatteLast Liquid Lip line at my front door was a gift from HEAVEN!! This is my new go-to matte liquid lipstick!! And the packaging was amazing! I loved being able to design my own custom shade and send it off to be considered for a yet-to-be-announced new line!! How fun!! Read my full review here!

Next, their Rose and Glow Tonic package!! I loved this gorgeous bag of little tonics!! I’ve been using both like crazy and had enough thanks to Pixi that I gave a few away as stocking stuffers for friends!! Pixi Beauty helped me with me holiday shopping!! Eeeee!! Here’s the full review!!

And of course I can’t leave out the Pixi Glow Cakes!! Two gorgeous pans that transition from bronzer, to blush, and then highlighter!! Everything I need in one pan and they’re seriously so glowy and beautiful!! Full review plus looks/swatches can be found here!

And last (but certainly not least!), this beautiful set from Pixi Beauty with a personalized label and a stand for my counter to hold my pads and my bottle!! I am not exaggerating when I tell you I cried like a little baby when I opened this!! (Don’t believe me?? This video on FB serves as proof!!)

So, while it doesn’t really need to be said, it does bear repeating: Pixi By Petra stole my heart this year with these amazing goodies for me to try out, review, and share with all of you! And that wins them my Best PR of 2018 award!!

Thank you so much, Pixi, for entrusting me with your products and allowing me to tell everyone I know about your company and what you do!!

Happy Holidays everyone!! And here’s to the goodies yet to come in 2019!!

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