It’s Just Stuff

I see you.

Eyes glossy from perusing websites for the best deals on all the things you think your loved ones will want of you.

You’re exhausted, you’re stressed, you’re a little worried, and you’re wishing you could just throw your phone or your laptop out the window and cancel the holidays altogether.

I see you.

And I need you to remember one thing:

It’s just stuff.

None of this stuff matters. This is not the “stuff of life”. This is just stuff we fill our homes with because they temporarily make us feel less sad. But, they don’t fix the sad. They never do.

Because they’re just stuff.

I know you’re still going to spend money, and time, and energy on finding the perfect stuff for the people you love because I know I’m going to do the same as well.

But, let’s also remember to fill our lives with the good stuff.

Laughter. Compassion. Quality time. Intimacy.

These are free. Truly free. And they will also set you free.

The rest of this?

It’s just stuff.

Don’t forget that.

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