Review: Beauty Creations

Recently I’ve had the immense pleasure of playing with eyeshadow palettes from Beauty Creations, a brand I otherwise would not have known about were it not for my Yes, Oh Yas! membership. I have been so pleasantly surprised by the quality and cost of these two palettes that I felt they deserved their own review!

Beauty Creations is a company launched by Esmeralda Hernandez, a Latina business woman who is passionate about making quality beauty products (which also happen to be cruelty free). Although a small company that is just two years old, Beauty Creations offers gorgeous packaging, design, and overall quality. The shadows in my two palettes are some of the absolute creamiest and pigmented shadows I’ve played with. I gladly put them on par with ABH and similar brands.

Beauty Creations has a wide range of products to keep you covered and if the palettes I own are any indication, all of them are worth the affordable price tag attached, and again, especially considering the pigmentation and pay off.

I currently own CaliSet and CaliChic, two California themed palettes that I would not normal think to purchase, but now having them I find myself reaching for them often! CaliChic is all about the delicious warm, golden hues you’d see in a California sunset, while CaliSet plays with the glam, pink aesthetic that is often associated with California.

Each powder has its own name that calls back to the theme. CaliChic delights us with names such as Malibu, Tanlines, Boardwalk, and Laguna. This palette comes with four shimmers and five mattes.

CaliSet brings up nostalgia over famous California locations and fun stereotypes with powder names like Melrose, DTLA, Hollywood, Valley Girl, and Cocktail. This palette also includes four shimmers and five mattes.

I adore these little palettes and with a price point of just $11.99, they’re well worth the cost for the quality. We’re essentially talking about drugstore prices for products that are much higher quality than most drugstore brands AND they’re cruelty free. If you enjoy well executed color stories and high quality pigments with excellent pay-off, Beauty Creations is a brand you absolutely must check out.

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