For The “I’m Sorry” You’ll Never Hear

There are people who should but never will utter those words. There are deep hurts that could be healed by slicing a silver knife through homemade humble pie before gently placing it against your tongue, letting its wholesome bitterness pull apologies from your soul. But, not everyone will request that piece of pie, or accept it when presented to them.

There are some who will never say “I’m sorry”. Many, actually. But, their apology, or lack of, doesn’t define you or your own journey. Knowing you wont hear them say it may deter you from wanting to eat your own slice of pie, but this isn’t about them. This was never just about getting the closure an apology can deliver. It’s about the closure that comes from you doing what’s right, regardless of their response.

For every “I’m sorry” you won’t hear, make sure you’re saying it yourself. Fill those voids with your own humility. Remember that your humility isn’t weakness, but strength. And blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Inherit the cleansing of your spirit through your apologies. And accept the peace of knowing you don’t need their apologies to grow, evolve, reconnect, and bloom.

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