Review: Laqa & Co Cloud Lips Lipstick

I have a love/hate relationship with the color pink. Most of my life I didn’t consider myself a “pink” type of girl. I was coming of age during the height of the Victoria’s Secret PINK and Juicy Couture craze where every teenage and college age girl I knew had at least one pair of bright pink velour pants (sometimes the entire suit) with the word PINK or JUICY etched across the butt.

I was not one of those girls. But, in the early – mid 2000’s the color pink was everything. It was all things. I could not escape it and because I didn’t fit into that mold, I wholly rejected the color and distanced myself from it as much as possible.

And then about two years ago I discovered something absolutely devastating:

I look great in pink.

And then I purchased Laqa & Co’s Cloud Lips Lipstick in Cherub and my love of pink was officially cemented: I had become a pink girl. My own version of it, anyways.

The Cloud Lips formula feels just as it is described. It is light, creamy, opaque, and it glides on beautifully. The color is highly pigmented and stayed put for several hours. Additionally, I adore the design of the lipstick case. It’s sleek and the right size for comfort when applying.

At $17 per tube, the price may seem a bit steep, but the quality and design is all there and makes the price tag worth it. If you’re looking for a smooth formula that delivers a big pop of color without over drying your lips, then the Laqa & Co Cloud Lips line is right for you. One of my absolute favorite lipsticks now.

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