Review: Pixi By Petra Rose-infused Skintreats

A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Pixi By Petra’s Rose-Infused Skintreats line and LISTEN, if you love rose scented skincare, this is the line for you. I decided to use every single product in the line for a few days straight to see how my dry skin responded and I have not been disappointed. I was literally sitting in my car a week ago scratching my forehead and watching skin flake off and bemoaning how dried out my skin was. Now?? Soft, supple, and not a flake in sight!

I decided to start with a face full of makeup to show a proper before and after of my skin!

Step 1:

Makeup Removal with the Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths! Two cloths removed a full face of makeup, including several layers of foundation, concealer, powder, and mascara.

Step 2:

Remove any residual makeup and debris with Rose Cream Cleanser. This stuff smells amazing and works amazingly too.

Step 3:

Tone with Rose Tonic and toner pads. Gently dabbing the pad across my skin toned it and really got those last bits of grime out of my pores.

Step 4:

Rose Cavier Essense starts putting moisture back into my skin. This serum contains little balls of moisture that break up and left my skin feeling softer.

Step 5:

A few drops of Rose Oil Blend add to the moisture game and the new toned skin soaks every bit of this facial oil up.

Step 6:

The Rose Flash Bomb is a 3-in-1 product that is one of my favs from the line. You can use this is a primer, a moisturizer, or as a quick mask!

Step 7:

Rose Ceramide Cream is perfect for an extra punch of intense moisture in places that are prone to drying out. I focused it on my forehead and around my nose because those are my dry skin problem areas.

Step 8:

The Makeup Fixing Mist has three possible uses: before makeup application to keep makeup in place, after makeup to set it, or anytime you want to keep your makeup secure OR keep your skin moisturized and sealed.

Step 9:

Finally, we’ve reached the Rose Glow Mist. Similar to the Makeup Fixing Mist, this mist has three uses: prime, set, and/or moisturize. The only difference between this mist and the Makeup Fixing Mist is a few different ingredients and slightly different scents, while still smelling largely of rose.

And there you have it! The end result after using these products daily is skin that is soft, flake-free, and generally much happier than it was before! While the below photo has been edited (color balance and contrast), I didn’t do any Facetuning or editing of the face itself! Everything you see is exactly how it looks in real life. My skin is noticeably more even in tone and texture, and there’s a subtle glow to it.

I am extremely pleased with the Rose-Infused Skintreats line and highly recommend checking it out. My favorites from the line are the Rose Cream Cleanser, Rose Tonic, Rose Caviar Essence, Rose Ceramide Cream, and Rose Glow Mist! Everything I received is fantastic, but I loved the smell and feel of those especially!

You can find Pixi By Petra Rose-Infused Skintreats online or in Target stores! If rose is your favorite scent or one of your favorites, this line is absolutely perfect for you. A big thanks to the Pixi Beauty team for sending this awesome, complimentary collection of Skintreats over for me to try out and review!!

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